Monday, July 23, 2012

GIVEAWAY!! (right here, right now!)


Guess what time it is?

Yup, finally time to get to that giveaway.
But first some chit chat which will segue into the prize.  So I'll be a brief as possible but I just have to share this so. . .

In making one of the prizes for this giveaway, I was reminded how fluid patterns are and how changing just ONE thing can change the finished product dramatically.

First, I was using a free pattern from Ric Rac (link goes to the blog but the pattern is on the right hand side).  The pattern calls for sewing right sides together (by machine, using felt) and then turning the pieces out .  So I dutifully followed the pattern and this was my result.

Now if you clicked on the link and looked at the tutorial, you will have already noticed the obvious.

But in case you didn't see the tutorial I'll save you the click.  That there turtle looks NOTHING like the one in the tutorial.  NOTHING.  I'm not saying that my turtle is "bad" but it was not what I was expecting and I was disappointed.  (oh and the hat is part of the tutorial and called for sewing and turning as well, which is what I did).

So there was just no way I could offer that sad turtle as a giveaway prize.  Again, it's cute and all but really?  It's just not good enough (no, I'm not throwing it out or anything like that, it fits in fine in the Land of Misfit Toys--I'll even find a name for him/her and all that).

Back to the pattern to give it another try, this time sewing on the right sides (by hand) with no turning.


MUCH better.  They look spot on like the ones in the tutorial (if I do say so myself).  In fact, I like them a bit better than the tutorial because I hand embroidered the shell designs and I used a blanket stitch to attached the top shell to the bottom shell (oh and I forgot to show it, I also hand embroidered lines across the belly--I can't believe I forgot about getting a pic of that).

Once I got the first turtle (the one in the red had) done I started the second with all intentions of having both of them as giveaway prizes (along with another item I'm getting to--you're being so patient and for that I thank you). But then I noticed one odd little thing. . .

Ok, he looks normal on this side.  What's the problem. . .

What the. . .oh my lordy. . .is that a. . .that one spot does it look a bit like. . .

I cracked up laughing.  Now maybe I'm just a perv but that one spot looks more than a bit. . .how shall I say it delicately. . .naughty?

Close up?


Yeah, that looks like what I think it looks like.  And even if it didn't, now that I see it that way I can't UN-see it so. . .

The yellow shell turtle will be staying with me.  I don't want to offend anyone by sending them a peen turtle and (to be honest) it cracks me up so much I don't want to get rid of it.  (and for the record I polled my sister and my hubby and both agreed it did have a peen flair to it but that it wasn't blatant or obvious in a "you deliberately put a peen on a turtle shell, you're a pervert" kind of way).


So, pattern discussions and peen turtles aside.  Let's get down to the getting down.


There are TWO prizes so that means TWO winners!  How's that for a bit of alright?

PRIZE 1 is the aforementioned (non-peen) turtle.

This turtle is made from wool blend felt stuffed with poly fill.  (all new materials).  The eyes, shell decor, and belly stripes are hand embroidered and the whole thing is hand sewn.  The hat is also felt (with attached pom-pom) and can be removed (but it's a bit of a chore).  This is a small-ish sized toy (about as big around as the palm of your hand) so it's not a good idea to give to really small kids (they'd eat that hat in two seconds flat, I'd bet--I don't have kids but even I know that's what they do, eat stuff they shouldn't then cry about it).

PRIZE 2 is a copy of "Toys to Sew" by Claire Garland.

Somehow I ended up with two copies so my loss is your gain.

Those are pics of the front and back covers so you can see some of the cute patterns it includes.

And a pic from inside the book (in keeping with the turtle theme).

I can't wait to make this tortoise.  But it involves a bit of patchwork (to get the top shell all frizzy like that) so I need to get some easier patchwork experience under my belt before I foray into this (though you could just use a solid piece of fabric for the shell or applique to get a rippled effect--so you don't need to do patchwork).

If you want more inside the book pics, you can check out Amazon (I had a second inside pic--of this cool patchwork alligator--but it just would not upload for me and I got miffed and gave up).

SO, once again there are TWO prizes so that means TWO winners.

How to enter (and other details):  NOTE:  GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!

1.  Leave a comment here stating which prize you'd prefer.  That's the prize you'll be entered to win.

2.  For one additional chance (to win prize of your choice) FOLLOW my blog.  Just leave a comment saying you do/did and note what prize you'd like to win.

So you have TWO chances to win a prize (and yes, you can pick the same prize for both of your entries or you can have one try for each--so you do have a slim chance of winning BOTH).

This giveaway is open to any and all comers (U.S. and international).  If you are an anonymous commenter (or just want to make extra sure I can contact you should you win) leave your email address in your comment.  (you can type it the "no spam" way like this:  email(at)place(dot)com  )

Winner will be drawn randomly and notified by email.  Winner will be announced in a separate post at this blog.

Winner will be drawn Monday, July 30 and announced/notified the next day.  (and if the winner doesn't respond within 5 days of notification, a new winner will be drawn from the pre-existing entries).

So, summary:  TWO prizes up for grabs, TWO chances to win, OPEN to all comers (leave an email address).

GOOD LUCK!!  (and no, the peen turtle is not up for grabs, so don't try and beg me to give it to you, you dirty perv!)


  1. Bahahaha! I love the turtles! Peen turtle FTW! They look awesome!

    And that book... I just might have to get a copy of that for myself even if I *don't* win. I'm not the best sewer (seamstress?) in the world but my 10 year old daughter has taken sewing in 4-H every year and can make clothes (!!!) and stuff... so she would love it!

    Awesome blog!
    Cindy (cindyanne1 from LJ) :D

  2. I like your first attempt! The streamlined shell and placement of feet give him a sea turtle vibe. In fact I think you could easily adapt the pattern to sea turtles, with a less domed shell like that, and flipper feet. If you were so inclined.

    Peen Turtle made me grin! Now you need a Poon Turtle to go along with him.

    I am regretfully bowing out of the giveaway... my greedy acquisitive side is reaching out grabby hands, but my new no-clutter, less-stuff side is saying "get rid of more stuff first!"

    But I'll follow your blog - I already do read it when you pimp it on LJ. But do I have to sign up with blogspot? Or can I get a feed and read it on LJ? (I have no idea how to do that... I'll have to look stuff up)

    1. Never mind - I just realized, I can add you to my links list on LJ. I'm so old fashioned. But it will make it easy for me to catch up here regularly. :D

  3. The turtle is so cute! I'm totally in it for the turtle.

    And I followed your blog even though I already read it when you link to LJ, so that's two entries for me for the awesome turtle!

    Name: Tashina
    email: trinity7183 at gmail

  4. lol, fun! I'd like to enter for the peen-less turtle ^^ I wandered over here from wandering around lj...


  5. I'd love to win the book, many thanks for the great givaway...

  6. I now follow your cute blog :)

  7. ok - not sure how to do this with my bad @ss non-techy self-- but this is IRISH from SP and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the turtle... and if you tell me in a SP email how to subscribe (yes I AM NON TECHY) I would love to follow your blog.


  8. I love the turtle. I'd love to win it.

  9. The turtle is really, really cute, but I think I'd have to ask for the book if I won - I'm about to become an aunt and I want to be the indulgent kind who gives cool presents. That book looks like I'll get brownie points for the first few years!

  10. And I just followed your blog in my feed reader (still the book, with a little bit of regret for the turtle).

  11. I adore your turtle but would love to win the book for all the fab patterns in it. Thanks for the tip on how to make the turtle better, tonight I have been going through some of my blogs and keeping a list of all my favourite tutorials to do over the summer and the Ric Rac turtle is on my list.

  12. Love both of your turtles! I would pick the book. Lots of grand babies for my friends so I think it is time to start making some of these. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I am now following you and would love to win the book.

  14. Alll of your turtles looks cute to me!! Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  15. I'm a new follower and both of your giveaways are great!

  16. You're right about the turtle! But it's still very cute and we'll keep it a secret. I'd love the book as I sew for the children's hospital.


  17. I'm following. Come over and visit me at


  18. what a good story. i would have been happy to win turtle #1!! honestly? either prize would be be fabulous!

  19. hi, i'm following the welcome wednesday blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it

    new follower bev

  20. lol Your turtles are adorable, peen and all . . . and let's face it, that's how you know which turtle is the BOY turtle, and which one is the girl turtle. I'd love to win either your turtle or the book. The tortoise project you show just looks like so much fun!

    And congrats on your stats. I know how great it is to reach those milestones! :)

  21. lol! When I say the first turtle my first thought was " He looks a bit sickly, what happened to his neck?" He looks like he bit the dust, literally.
    I wold love to be entered the second prize.

  22. I'd prefer the book as my prize :) I'll figure out how to follow your blog on my phone, since that's how I do most of my daytime browsing now.

    Also I love all the background pix of your other works on this page!

  23. I am new to following your blog today and I just love your patterns and creations. I am just starting to get into working with felt and hand embroidery.

    Thank you for having the Contest and sharing all you do with us.

  24. For prizes to win, I figure I can buy the book but to get an original one of a kind item made by you would be Fantastic! So, that's the prize I would like to win, The Turtle!

    Thank you for having the Contest,

  25. LOL Love this post - so funny! I think all three of your turtles are adorable! :)
    Thank you so much for helping me out with my linky seems to be working just fine!

  26. Your turtles are too cute. I think I would love to win the book. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Your work is amazing!
    I work her:
    My personal blog:

  28. firstly, I need to tell you I followed you over from regretsy after seeing the "special" turtle ;-)

    I'd love to win the book cos sewing is just not my thing - it'd challenge me!

  29. and for another entry I've just followed - though curiously blogger decided to let me follow as niftyknits, but comment under my "real" name. far be it from me to argue with blogger. I'd still like to win the book pretty please :-)

  30. I adore turtles! I would be thrilled to win either. You are very talented!

  31. I love the little turtles! You did a good job with them.


  32. So cute! What a fun read! And I want a turtle. Hard.

  33. I love all the turtles, even the one who is misfit. But as for me, I would love to be entered to win the book. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.

    forums [at]

  34. Also, I am now following your blog. I would love another entry to try and win the book. Thanks!


  36. The turtles are freaking adorable! Thanks for having a giveaway

  37. ha ha ha! I now actually want to make a turtle with a "shape" like that on it!! I'd love the win the book, much as I love your turtle, I have a craft book addiction that's akin to a heroin addiction!

  38. I would love to take either prizes home! Probably the book though, because I have lots of friends having lots of babies right now.

  39. I love love love your little turtle!!! How cute is he!! But I'd probably opt for the book so I can make some "little-baby-friendly" toys - my granddaughter would definitely try to eat that hat!!

  40. And I'm a new follower!! You know what - that turtle is so cute, how about making this entry a chance to win him? I'll just keep him away from the granddaughter!

  41. I would be happy with either. Really.

  42. I am GFC #30. I look forward to following you. You've made some really cute stuff!

  43. OOH! Turtles!
    I would prefer a surprise!

  44. Would love to win the book! Thanks for the giveaway!! My email address is:

  45. So cute! I would love to win either prize - with a slight edge for the book. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  46. I now follow your blog so I'll add another entry for the turtle :)

  47. I'll chime in for the turtle. He's cute -- love how you added the embroidery to make the design your own.