Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bow, wow, WOW!

The puppy work in progress is officially COMPLETE.  Well, sewing wise.  I have to toss them in the mail tomorrow (but I did text pics to my sister who is very pleased with the results).

Speaking of pics. . .

The original three, Rose, Twinkie, and Licorice (aka Liberace).

Meet. . .

Andy, Abe, and Louise.

*snerk*  When I see these two pics I can't help but think of "West Side Story".  Two rival puppy gangs meeting up to have a dance off.  Wait, if they're dogs they be more likely to have a butt sniff-off and or hump off.  Hey, it's what dogs do.

There was no drama.

These six get along famously.

But. . .what are they whispering about.

Good thing I bugged their meeting.

So, Bug, what did you hear?

"Well, it seems they're all excited about a seventh puppy?  Do you know anything about that?"

Why yes, yes I do.

They're talking about Kat.  She's not going to end up in the same home as the rest, so I'm sure that's what has them all excited.  Kat's slated for a long trip to Florida to live with my Aunt (who has a Dachsund named. . .wait for it. . .Kat!).

Ok, about the names.  Names are kind of a big deal to me and often times they have some kind of meaning.  These puppies are no exception.

Rose is named for her collar.  I needed something that went with the butterflies so a flora/flower theme worked.  I toyed with Flora, but once I called her Rose that was that.

Twinkie is named for one of the recipients actual dogs.  My sister texted me their names and Twinkie is just such a cute name AND I had that awesome yellow felt so I needed to make a Twinkie (and give her a cupcake collar).

Licorice/Liberace was named right on the heels of Twinkie, hence the food based (and not that original) name.  But once I put the shiney ric rac on him, I wanted to change his name to Liberace.  So now he has two names.  Licorice is his given name but, when he's on stage he transforms into LIBERACE (yeah, I fancy him a bit of a lounge singer).

Andy is named for the dearly departed Andy Griffith.  And I just like the name Andy.

Abe is named for Abraham Simpson, a huge fan of one of Andy Griffith's most well known characters. . . MAAAT-lock! 

Louise is named for the youngest child on my new favorite cartoon show, "Bob's Burgers".  Louise isn't my favorite on the show (that honor is reserved for the oldest child, Tina followed closely by Gene--I find Louise to be a bit "too") but Louise *is* my sister's favorite.  And I like the name Louise.  I was tempted to make Louise a bunny ear hat but I wasn't sure the recipient (a friend of my sister's) would get or appreciate the reference and I didn't feel like going to all the work if it wouldn't amuse anyone but me.  So Louise got a bandana (to be different from the others).  I didn't embroider it because I don't want to force the recipient to keep the names I've given everyone.

You might notice I tagged this post "orignail pattern" (yes, I noticed the spelling error but I'm keeping it because it makes me laugh).  Now that I've altered the existing pattern (found in the Wee Wonderfuls book) as much as I have (giving it a belly gusset so the doll will stand and changing up the tail) I feel this is an "orignail" pattern.

Now that the puppies are done it's time to get back to THE SQUID (I'm calling her Violetta!).

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