Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going BIG!

I have another (potential) commission in the works.

It's for the same person who commissioned Kismet (the rainbow octopus).  They definitely want a squid (from the same pattern I used for Violetta) BUT. . .

. . .they want it made full size.

The pattern (HERE) is for an 8 foot squid.


It'll be far easier to sew than Violetta (who's narrow legs weren't hard to sew but rather tedious to work with) but now I have to draw out the giant pattern pieces.

That involves. . .wait for it. . .



Ok, so not really complicated math (and more like measuring than math) but OH NO!!

For the record, I'm a total stereotypical girl when it comes to math.  Remember those skits on "In Living Color", "Super Bimbo"?  Her weakness was math.

Yeah, that's me.  "Oh no. . .not math!"

I have to overcome my weakness and figure out how much fabric will be required to make the giant squid.

Yes, I'm going to have my wife double check my work (as an architect, he's good with math, especially "measurey math").

I'm excited about this potential new commission.  So much so that I kind of want to make a giant squid for myself for next year's "Art All Night" (our neighborhood has a "no jury, everyone welcome" art display every year--a giant squid would be a hit there--and I could sell it, too).

Hmm, maybe I'll sell it and donate the funds to a charity.  That would be even better.

Oh, so much to think about.

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  1. I did read that you had been commissioned to make a big squid but hadn't realised quite how big it will be. Eight foot, wow! Wonderful.