Monday, July 30, 2012

Crafting for Charity!

I love Regretsy . 

Yeah, yeah, it can be extra snarky at times.  But the items they snark on there bring crazy attention to the sellers so it's really a WIN.  And I adore how they lambast Etsy (as a company) for their general hypocrisy.

But that's neither here nor there.  What I REALLY like about Regretsy is the community.  In particular their generosity.

I've lurked Regretsy for some time and witnessed quite a few of their charity sales.  As soon as I got back to my crafting/sewing, I was in the Regretsy forums lurking about waiting for information on how/when I could join in on the fun.

At long last my moment has arrived.  The fat jealous losers are organizing a new charity sale and I was thrilled to offer up some fun stuff.  (I can't give a direct link to the info since it's on the Regretsy forums--go to Regretsy and sign up to access the forums and it's right there at the top)

The first item was the lovable Peen Turtle.  Yes, I got a kick out of him but I'll get an even bigger kick out of knowing he could net $10 for charity.

But one item just was NOT enough.

So I whipped up a half dozen Ewoks.  (from the free Wild Olive pattern--no, I don't consider this an abuse of the "for personal use only" request on the pattern--charity sales count as "personal use" in my book since I'm not making one cent from them--in fact, I'm probably losing money on them if you wanted to really crunch the numbers, which I do not).

My goal was to make a bunch of lower ticket items so folks on a budget could get in on the sale.  So I priced them to move at $8 each.  That sounds crazy fair to me.  They aren't terribly hard to make and don't take a lot of materials but they do have wool blend felt hoods (not cheap-o acrylic) and they are nicely made.  If I was in the market for such a thing (and it was for charity) I wouldn't think $8 was too steep.

They'll be collecting items until the end of the week so I *might* make up something else.  I'm not sure yet.  I'd love to be able to contribut 10 items but I have to get to work on the potential commission giant squid, so I may have to stop at the 7 items I've already made.

(and yes, I did go through stuff I've already made but most of it wasn't "good enough" for a sale.  A lot of the stuff I keep for myself is first runs of a pattern so it's a little wonky or I made it from cheaper materials and I'd feel bad expecting someone else to part with hard earned cash for it.  And those "cheap" things I made have kind of grown on me, becoming part of my Misfit Toy collection).

I'm toying with making up some cloth bags and offering them for a few dollars each but would someone want to pay the price of shipping to get an inexpensive cloth bag?  Maybe I'll poll the Regretsy community and see what they think (and save that idea for the next charity sale).

Don't fret.  I'll pimp the sale once I have more details on when it happens.  But if you want to learn more about the charity (it's an individual, not a big name charity) or details on participating, I urge you to go to Regretsy and sign up to access the forums (sign up is non-invasive--and they won't spam you later or any of that).  Please note:  Regretsy can and does contain "adult themes" (usually of a nudity persuasion) so anyone who's easily offended has been warned.


  1. You have a fun blog. I love your Steeler's profile pic (married a man from PA, and got sucked into Steeler mania!). I am here from sewing miles of smiles. I will be following your blog, and I'd love to have you pop over to my blog, also mostly about the little things I am making:


  2. These are really cute. Good luck with the fundraising! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)