Friday, June 15, 2012

Work in Progress: DONE! (time to show off!)

Another work in progress is officially DONE.

I took that rainbow of felt and whipped it up into:

I call him Kismet.

I'm not sure if that will remain his name since he's not staying.  He's a commissioned item, so very soon he'll be shipped of to Virginia.

But there's still time to do a little turn on the catwalk so. . .

WORK IT, Kismet!

Each leg is differnt color but each have the same shiney white sequins (and random seed beads--really, I just used whatever one would fit down over the needle).  Sequins I scored at one of the best thrift stores I've been in for quite a while.  It was LOADED with "vintage" craft stuff.  Bowels of buttons I could have picked through all day (I'm not exaggerating, the bowls had candy scoops in them so you could dig around).  Spool after spool of thread, floss, ribbon, trims and funky notions.  I scored the sequins, some narrow width elastics, fuzzy trim/thread/yarn (not a whole skeen, just a few yards around a little card), a few buttons (one looks like a gear!) and a few other small things for only $3.  I look forward to visiting Weezies (yeah, love the name) every time I visit my family.

(bonus, there was the cutest kitten in the shop.  She was sitting in an old potty chair.  I tried to get a picture of her but she was too busy jumping around trying to get the shop cat, Butterbean's, tail.  I won't be surprised if my sister doesn't go back there and adopts her, though I get the feeling the shop owner really wants to keep her despite the "we have to find her a home" laments)

The whites of his eyes are stitched on using this shiney embroidery floss I scored (at the craft store, not Weezies).  I'm not exactly sure how to use it properly but I separated out a few strands (it had a ton of strands) and just stitched with it.  It's not that easy to work with what with all the strands, so it'll definitely be just an embellishment thread.

Funky top view.  He's almost exactly 4 inches around the legs (I didn't measure exactly but I put a 4 inch embroidery hoop over him and he fit perfectly inside, legs just brushing all the way around).

I searched my stuff to find a ruler to get an exact measurement on his height but when I didn't find the ruler right away I got annoyed and gave up (I'm sure if I had looked just one second longer I would have found it but I didn't want to be bothered). 

So here he is next to an altoid tin to get an idea how tall he is.  I was going to use my hand but that's not really a good idea how big he is.  Who knows?  Maybe I have super gigantic man-paws (or tiny little petite paws).

Uh-oh.  I think Molly is smitten.  Maybe she and Kismet can carry on a long distance love affair via love notes written in their own ink.  (wow, that's all kinds of gross when you think about it--but funny).

I just need to give Kismet a wee hair cut to get any random fuzzies out of the way and he'll be ready to head off to his new home.  (he has far less fuzzies than Molly, guess she could use a trim while I'm at it).

What's up next?


(and then maybe a rainbow striped zebra or a unicorn?  or maybe a mermaid?  or a monkey? or. . .)


  1. Soo cute... I love the legs :)

  2. Those wee octopus's are adorable!

  3. Thank you for linking to my LAFF I have said it before but Love your finish its cute.