Monday, June 18, 2012

Work in Progress: Birthday Puppies!

After seeing my litter of puppies, my sister commissioned (ok, I probably won't really charge her for them since she's my sister and she's always driving me to the craft and thrift stores when I visit her and making the puppies is fun and not hard at all so. . .) six to give her friend as a birthday gift.

So now that Kismet (the rainbow octopus--also a commission) is done I'm stitching up the puppies.

Three down, three to go.

More pics?

Of course.

No, the gray one and yellow one aren't ganging up on the black one.  The light just made this set up the best (so I could get a good snap of all of them including their collars).

Ok, time for closeups in the order in which I stitched them.

Now since they aren't mine, the names I'm giving aren't chiseled in stone.  But I'm calling this one Rose.  I was leaning toward Flora but I thought of Rose first and it just stuck.  Yes, I was going for a floral/plant name to go with the butterfly collar.

Rose is all gray with matching stitching.  She has bright blue eyes and a black nose.  Butterfly print ribbon collar.

I texted a pic to my sister right after I finished Rose and she (my sister) was very happy.  She texted me back the names of her friend's dogs (all dachsunds, that's why my sister wanted these puppies).  The dogs are Pepperoni, Lil Smokie, and Twinkie.

While my goal wasn't to make exact replicas of the real dogs, I just loved the name Twinkie so. . .

This is "my" Twinkie.

Complete with cream filling belly!

Twinkie is yellow with a white belly and one white ear (matching yellow stitching for everything).  Purple eyes and black nose.  Cupcake print ribbon collar.  She also managed to be the smallest (so far) of the litter.  I love how that happens.  It's the same pattern cut out the same way (I tape the pieces to the felt and then trim around) but she's definitely shorter (height, not length) than her siblings.

OH, I almost forgot, this is an altered pattern from the original puppy pattern.  I made the tail go up instead of down, which I like SO much better (and it's not any harder to sew either).  I'm not sure if I'll make any "down tail" puppies for this set or not, I'll have to see what I feel like as I keep stitching.

Last but not least for this round is. . .

Licorice.  Ok, not the most original name but I was riding high from Twinkie and still in a snack food naming theme so there you go.

Licorice is all black (with matching stitching), bright blue eyes and black nose (which you can barely see even when you look hard--let me just sidebar here for a second and say I practically had to get surgical lighting to stitch black on black, no joking, I turned on the lamp in my living room and stitched right under it to be able to see what I was doing).  Silver glitter ric rac collar.

Ok, how fabulous is that ric rac?  It made me want to call him Liberace not Licorice.  I scored the spool of ric rac at WalMart (boo hiss, I know, but I do go there once in a great while to scope clearance racks and lately I've had super craft clearance mojo--I scored a heap of embroidery floss right before I went on vacation and a few weekends ago I scored a mess of ric rac and some fabric markers).  I almost didn't buy the super skinny ric rac because it was so thin I thought "what will I ever use that for?" but I thought I might be able to make little ric rac flowers out of it and it was a great price so. . .

It's definitely getting used for the puppies.  I have green, baby blue, pink, and I think red all in this narrow width so at least one more puppy is getting a ric rac collar.

I'm making six puppies but I think I might also make a little Happy Birthday banner, too.  I'm thinking a little bunting (is that the word?) streamer dealie.  You know, the little triangle flags each with one letter embroidered on it to spell out "Happy Birthday".  I'm not sure yet if I will do it but I'm tempted.

THEN, I have to make one puppy for my mother to give to my aunt.  That one needs to be "regular dachsund color" (which I take to mean a tanish brown color) and have a neckerchief with the name "Kat" embroidered on it.

Then all my commissioned pieces will be done so I can get back to making random stuff for myself.

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