Friday, June 8, 2012

Work in Progress: What will it be?

A rainbow of felt.

But what wil it become?

(hint:  count the sheets)

For the record, I got all of the main cutting and about 1/4 of the sewing done just last night (when I started).

The whole project will be made from supplies I already have on hand EXCEPT for one skein of floss.  See that darker purple color?  Yeah, I don't have any floss that matches well enough for my liking.  See, in the pic it looks like a deep purple but in reality it's a lot more blue.  I have a lot of purpley shades but nothing blue enough.

Yeah, I could just use a "very close" match but it would a) annoy me and b) this item is being sold so I want it to be the super best EVER and "very close" floss is not "super best".

And I'm going to visit my family this weekend so I'll have access to TWO craft stores (right across the stree from each other) so I can score the floss with no issues (and my long suffering wife won't have to go to the craft store--he despises going to craft stores almost as much as I despise going to Construction Junction, the local recycled home improvement stuff store--ugh, just thinking about going in there to find a used door gives me hives).

Here's hoping I find some other good stuff while I'm shopping *good remnant bin vibes*.

I'll be dropping the Ewok off to my nephew, Lowell, too.  Well, as long as my sister doesn't steal it from him (stealing from a cat, that's low).

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