Monday, June 25, 2012

A splash of color!

Yum!  Kona Cotton solids.

I'm calling this collection:

Mermaid Splash

In order (left to right):  Peacock, Lime, Banana, Bubble Gum, (blank), Bahama Blue, Jade Green, Papaya, and Bone.

This is for a contest being held at Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  You make up a little grouping of eight of the new Kona Cotton solid colors and share if on your blog and then some winners are picked and you can score some free fabric.

Hey, who doesn't like a chance at free fabric, right?  And it was fun to use Big Huge Labs to make the mosaic (there's full instructions/rules at Fluffy Sheep Quilting).

I was going for a collection that would work well for underwater creatures.  How great would that Papaya look as a cute gold fish?  Or a dolphin made from the Bone?  Or a sea serpent from the Jade Green?  Or how about combining them (Bone, Banana, Bahama Blue) for a MERMAID!

Or you could go really bright and make a Bubble Gum pink faced mermaid with a Lime tail and Papay hair!  Oooh, I almost want to do that now!

Maybe if my collection wins, I will score some of these colors and can try that out.

Either way, this was a fun little distraction and I hope other try out making mosaics of yummy color (and even enter the little contest).

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