Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Thoughts (on giveaways and such)

My previous post got me thinking about a long-ish term project I want to do.  I've been keeing it under my hat (lest I jinx it) but I think I'll bring it up now.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the "Sew, Mama, Sew" blog.  In particular, the Giveaway Day/Week event they do.

Twice a year they have a giveaway day (extended to a week this year) where a mess of blogs share a link (at the SMS blog) to a giveaway they're having.  You get the chance to check out new blogs and enter (no cost) a bunch of giveaways for things ranging from fabric packs, notions, patterns, gift certificates, and finished items like dolls and kids clothes and purses.  It's a ton of fun and a great way to piss away time (really, it can be a time suck but a fun one).

I found out about it too late to participate (in the one they just had) but they'll have another one come December and I definitely want to participate then.

The only snags for me were:  I don't want to spend a lot (or anything, except shipping, if possible) and I don't have a lot of stuff to offer (like fabric from my stash or anything like that).

BUT. . .I could make something and offer it.

It would need to be small (to keep shipping low and so I could offer the contest to international folks too) and easy to make from supplies I already have.

So I came up with what I think is a kind of fun idea.


I could offer TWO giveaways per post in the form of "X vs. Y".

The first idea is "Dogs vs Cats".  Folks enter by commenting which they prefer.  One entry per person (and none of the "extra entries if you like me" or any of that--too much work).  Then randomly draw one "dog" winner and one "cat" winner.  (dogs = felt puppies and cats = felt kitties)

The second idea is the geek version.  "Star Wars vs Star Trek".  The prizes are an ewok and a tribble.  Again, two winners one for "Wars" and one for "Trek".

None of these items are hard/costly for me to make and I think they would be things folks would want.  And it would get my blog a little more attention.  I'm not worried about making money off my blog or anything like that but I'd like to have more online "crafty friends" and what better way to make friends then by giving gifts?

But that won't be for a while.

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