Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting is the hardest part.

Oh, Tom Petty, you were so right.

The waiting *is* the hardest part.

Right now I'm waiting for:

--an order from that I bought on 6/13.  I did all the "how long should it take" math and it should be here today or tomorrow.  It's driving me nuts but that's the price I pay for getting free shipping (and thankfully that lot isn't anything I need right now--but I WANTS IT!)

--payment for Kismet, the rainbow octopus.  I'm not worried it won't come through or anything but I'm just anxious to finally get him in the mail and have him safely get to his new abode and be 100% done with that project.  (he's all bagged up with his ship to address taped to his bag--just waiting)

--my $20 gift certificate.  Yeah, I won a $20 gift certificate (of my choice) a few days ago and I chose Prairie Point Junction (aka Wool Felt Central) the place where I planned to buy more nice felt to finish the puppies I'm making for my sister.  I have a whole list of felt colors I want (for all kinds of projects) so $20 will help keep my final costs lower (and if they accept paypal, I may be able to combine the gift certificate with the payment from Kismet and get a nearly "free" order).

Ooooh, the waiting is killing me.

(and this is totally random:  I had to stop browsing the fabric sites I like because I kept spending money--I've but a buying ban out until the end of the month, when JAQs fabrics might have their scrap and destash packs back in stock)

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