Monday, December 22, 2014

More Christmas Sewing: Wookie!

What?  I thought the Christmas sewing was done?

Of course it wasn't.

See, my spouse can't make a decision to save his hide so he (of course) took until almost the last minute to decide if he wanted me to make things for his niece and nephew.  I already showed off what was made for the niece (who's a baby so easier to sew for, she has no clue what she likes yet).  But the nephew is (I think) 5 years old (something like that) so he does have preferences which meant my spouse had to take twice as long to decide what he wanted me to make.

I told spouse he would have to venture up to my craft room and look through patterns and decide what he wanted.  To my shock, he actually DID.  He was a bit stunned by what I've got going on up in my craft room (ok, it's almost two rooms but not really).  Not so much by the volume of fabric (he'd seen that before) but more the barely organized chaos in which I create.  Though that shouldn't really shock him, we've been married forever and I've always been like this.

Anywho. . .I showed him a few different patterns that I was willing to make (there are some I just won't make for such a young child because they're too labor intensive for a kid who I know damn well won't appreciate them--yeah, I'm being brutally honest).

He chose:

I had almost completely forgotten about this pattern until I was flipping through my binder.  It used to be a free pattern from Draw Pilgrim but now it's pay.  I've made it two times now and I'd say it's worth paying for (as long as it's not priced outrageously--I didn't even look what the fee is).

It's a fairly simple pattern that makes a nice finished product and it's very customizable.

I went off pattern and made a felt nose (didn't have a flocked safety nose like the pattern called for) and I had lost the pattern piece for the teeth so I free-handed some choppers for my wookie.

I also made my own version of the ammo strap.  I didn't have wide ribbon and the thought of using duct tape for a stuffed toys accessories made me cringe (what if the tape gets funky after a bit and get the toy all gross?  NO!).  I had some shiny pleather/vinyl fabric in my miscellaneous fabrics and with a few bits of felt (from scraps) I had a very cool ammo belt.

I'd like it officially noted how awesome I am, too.  I machine stitched those felt bits on there but did it by hand.  Yes, I turned the damn sewing machine wheel by hand and it made my wrist ache like mad by the time I was done (and there are only 5 felt bits on there, so it wasn't some monumental task).

Eugene got right down to ignoring the crap out of the wookie.  I'd like to say he was trying to help me get over myself (so when the recipient gets this awesome doll and gives it one second of attention before flinging it aside, or worse, losing the ammo belt or even worse, spilling on the doll and ruing it) but really he wanted to gnaw the eraser off a pencil in my craft box.  Cats, they keep it really real.

So now all my Christmas sewing should be done.


  1. Oh what?? That is awesome. I wont tell my husband about this or he will want one!