Friday, December 12, 2014

For Swaps: Patch and Dotees

Time to show off all the stuff I'm putting in the mail for swaps today.

First up, the lone patch of the group.

It was part of the monthly patch swap, so there was no required theme (just some minor size constraints).

I call it Swag Moose and I LOVE it.

My swap partner listed moose as one of her likes and don't you just know I got some moose fabric in my last equilter booty pack purchase.  How convenient.  See having a wacky (and too big, I'll admit it) fabric stash does come in handy.

Yeah, he's so swag he can't even handle it.

The stars and glasses are charms.  The "chain" is silver cording.

The back is purple because that was another of my partner's likes.

Next up, two dotees.

The first theme was skeleton key.  There had to be a skeleton key attached to the dotee somewhere.

Full body shot to see the hanger (same cording!) and the tail which contains not one but TWO keys.  I had two in my stash so I figured I'd just use both of them.  Hey, why not?

Cyclops because, again, why not?  The print on the fabric was ripe to make a cyclops face.  And I had three yellow eye beads so there was an odd man out which was perfect.  The print on the fabric also made it easy to keep the teeth all kind of lined up.  I tend to go up/downhill when I free embroider so I little guideline is always appreciated.

After I got the doll done it needed a bit more embellishment so I added the fringy trim and that button.  It kind of looks like tentacles/arms, which made me think of the Yip Yips from Sesame Street (love them!).

Praise again for my crazy stash.  I had lock and key fabric in my collection.  See, that's where swapping paid off for me.  I got this fabric through a swap (I know because I only had one 10" square and I did a lot of 10 incher swaps last year).  SWEET!

Next up was a dotee for the theme "bathtime".  I've done this theme before (last year?  it was a disgruntled cat in a wash tub--super cute) so I wanted to go for something different this time around.  And I wanted to work with terry cloth.


I did have to go out and buy a washcloth to get the terry cloth.  It was the easiest way to get just a tiny bit of it.  I did splurge and get an extra cute print washcloth that cost $3.99.  Yes, for ONE washcloth (I got it at Tuesday Morning, which has proven to be a good little junky store).

I fussy cut the washcloth to preserve the crab and octopus prints. It was easy, the images were in rows so I didn't have to sacrifice much.  Then I folded over the cut edge and stitched it down with a zig zag stitch (along the top and the one side--I didn't use the full width of the washcloth).  And let me just say, for $3.99 I got a very nice washcloth.  SUPER plush.

The eyes are from the bubble beads I got for the bathtime dotee I made before (they're just shimmery plastic beads but they really do look like bubbles).  Simple embroidered mouth, deliberately askew to give a cuter look.

Then I made a semi-full wig from yarn.  Super simple wig.  Just cut lengths of yard and double knot them in the middle then sew them one by one onto the doll by running the needle through the knot.

The body is just some cute blue fabric scraps that kind of looks like bubbles and the tail was just a few of the bubble beads strung together.

I have one more thing to show off but it's so cute it needs its own post.  So give me a second. . .

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