Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Sewing

Time to show off some Christmas items I finished up yesterday (yes, I made all this stuff in one day--go me!).

A bag (for my sister to give her friend).

It's the Green Bag Lady free pattern/tutorial but the straps are a lot longer.  I prefer longer straps. These can be cross body or one shoulder (and not too long).

The fabric came from the Joann's remnant bin.  It was just shy of a yard (the bag didn't take all of that) and cost about $3 (I don't remember the exact total, but it was CHEAP).  Oh, and it's Robert Kaufmann fabric, so brand name stuff.

Toys for the family cats.  Three for my sister's two cats (Lowell and Earl) and three for my parents' three cats (Mavis, Rhoda, and Jake).  My sister's cats LOVE the kickie style toys so I make them extra long so they can kick the hell out of them.  Each is guaranteed to have at least three balls of catnip (I roll a big pinch of catnip in a ball of stuffing and make sure there's at least one at each end of the kickie).

The Star Trek one is for Jake and the longer of the two Big Bang Theory ones is for Lowell.  Lowell is very much a Sheldon, so he needs a bazinga kickie.

Then I made these super cuties for my husband's niece.  She's still a baby (I think closing in on a year old?  when they're that age I can't be bothered to remember their exact age) so I had to keep it safe for gnawing.  (side bar:  I get so grossed out when I make things that end up with kids and the kids gnaw on them.  yes, I know babies in particular gnaw but it's GROSS AS HELL and it kind of offends me to see something I made with love get chewed on like it's a freaking dog toy.  Can you tell I'm not that into little kids?)

Anyway, my husband wanted something cute for the little bratling (I call all of them bratlings, it's a term of endearment with me, not a slander) so I had to trot out this free pattern I had in my collection.  I did make a smaller version of this for a set of dotee dolls but I didn't use the pattern in a smaller scale. I free drew the spoon for that smaller version.

So, the big question always was, WHY did the dish run away with the spoon?  What did he have that the other flatware was lacking?

Well, in this case I know the answer.

This spoon is CASHMERE.  Come on, now, who can resist CASHMERE?

I got a 100% cashmere sweater at the thrift store for $1.99.  This cute spoon took up just about one whole sleeve (it was a women's small and I felted it so the sleeve wasn't super huge when it was all said and done).  Oh, and I'd like to point out the detailing on the handle is not just the ribbing from the sweater.  I top stitched that bad boy AND put black thread into my machine to do so.  You know I don't like changing out the thread in my machine because I'm crazy lazy.

And he's also super cute.  Cute and cashmere?  I just might run off with him myself.

And what fancy legs to run off on, too.

Yeah, I had to use this super cute fabric I've had in my stash since. . forever.  It was very appropriate.

Not that the dish is a dog's bowl or anything.

She's quite the. . .wait for it. . dish herself!  (oh, I do love puns).

But she's not cashmere.  She's fleece.  Nice fleece but still fleece.  I put a ball point needle on my machine just for her (and then for the spoon, I figured a ball point needle was a better choice than a regular for that fabric).

I also top stitched rings on her before stuffing and then did a third (the inner most) ring once she was stuffed.  The machine crabbed about that but it did a decent job.

She has some nice gams, too.

I was going to use this chicken wire print fabric I had that would have made it look like she was wearing fish nets, but it was off white and looked bad with the bright white of the dish.  So this cute kiddie print was a good choice.

The pattern is really easy and can be made from scraps.  The kiddie print was only a 10" square of fabric and I didn't even use it all.  And with fleece/felt there's no real direction to it so no worries about wonky stretching or any of that.

I think the hubs wants me to make something for his nephew (who is, I think, about 5 years old) but he (hubs, not the bratling) isn't sure what he wants and I won't sew until he gets his act together.  Nevermind that I told him at the beginning of NOVEMBER to get his act together if he wanted Christmas sewing.  But technically it's not the last minute so. . .

(oh, and since I'm being brutally honest, I don't really want to sew for the older kid.  He's spoiled rotten and gets so much junk--I mean real junk--at Christmas that something nice and handmade would just get tossed onto the pile and not appreciated the way I want it to be appreciated.  Yeah, I'm selfish as hell like that which is why I don't make a lot of handmade gifts unless someone specifically asks for a certain item.  This older kid is so trained to only like brand name toys he sees from commercials and cartoons that he won't give a crap about a cute handmade stuffed toy.  At least when you make something for a baby the parents usually appreciate it and the baby will at least gnaw on it a bit.  So end my bit of bah humbug.  But it's really sad that the only folks who seem to appreciate handmade are the damn cats.)

I'm not sure what other sewing I'll be up to this week.

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