Monday, December 8, 2014

Made for Swaps: Dotees and a Patch

I'm heading off to the post office in a few minutes so it's time to show off the swaps I'm sending out.

First up is a profile specific dotee as a Christmas gift.  So I was tasked with making a dotee based on my partner's profile and then wrapping it up like a gift and including a Christmas card.  The card was just one I had from a box of cards I got a while back (it takes me a bit to use up a box of cards) and the wrapping on the dotee was fabric and some vintage binding (both Christmas themed).

The dotee:


Why yes, little penguin, yes you are.

And a super simple design.  Just a pear shaped body with revers applique for the belly.  I did have to make this penguin twice.  The first go round the bottom bit (between the reverse applique and the opening to stuff) came apart.  So the second go round I made that area a bit larger and I stitched the reverse applique part down with a zig zag stitch instead of straight.  Problem solved.

Oh, did I mention the body fabric is also penguin print.  I made sure this cute fella was completely visible on the back.

The tail is all gold fish because. . .well, what else would a penguin want but a string of fish?

The penguin is going in the same package with the next item to show off, a patch.

The theme for the patch was your all time favorite song.  We've been doing song themed patches for a bit but this time you could pick any genre/artist.

I couldn't come up with just one song that was my all time favorite.  I have a lot of favorites and then I noticed a lot of my favorites wouldn't lend themselves to easy interpretation as patches (though they would be fun to interpret in art, but for a patch I wanted something I could be a tad bit literal with, just illustrate the lyrics type thing).

I decided I'd go with one of my all time favorite bands, Hole.  Yes, I adore Hole (and Courtney Love).  But, again, a lot of the songs were tricky to get a very literal patch from the lyrics.  But then I remember. . .

My Beautiful Son.

"He had ribbons in his hair and lipstick was everywhere.  You look good in my dress.  You look good in my dress.  My beautiful son."

Isn't he just lovely!

He does indeed have ribbons in his hair and "lipstick" (aka fabric marker in red) everywhere.  The dress might just be his mother's nightie or slip, given how well it fits such a small child (and how lacey it is).  So I took a tiny bit of creative license on that.

You can't see it in the photo, but the dress has pink lace straps (the same lace as the waist belt) and is lace layered over muslin.  It's machine stitched to the patch.  (as are the ribbons)

I also took a bit of creative license in adding the pearls.  I have a mess of this trim and it would be a crying shame not to whip some out for a patch like this.  It does give the whole patch a little more pizzazz.

The back of the patch is the same theme.  I got this fabric in a scrap pack and wondered if I'd ever use it as it was intended (paper dolls).  Guess I answered that question.

I have to say, I LOVE this patch.  It makes me want to make a ton of lyrics inspired patches just for the hell of it.

Last but not least on my mailing list today is another dotee.  This time the theme was kawaii.  Man, do I know kawaii.  Kawaii is my bag, baby, and it freaks me out!


It's a guinea pig.  I love guinea pigs, especially super cute ones.

Recognize that body shape?  Yup, it's the same one as the penguin.  I had the template laying on the table and it was perfect.  I just had to add the face patches and DONE.

It' might not be that obvious in the pic (damn poorly lit house!) but the face patches are two different shades of brown.  The body is a cream color (not pure white).

Why yes, I did make teeny tiny ears for this cutey.  Scraps for the WIN!

And, yes, the patches go around to the back, too.  I did tack them down with a swipe of glue.  And the eyes are glued on, too.  I didn't have any black seed beads so glue was the way I had to go (mental note, get a tube of matte black seed beads).

What's that there at the bottom?   (hee hee, bottom!)

Tiny tailio!

I'm not really sure if guinea pigs have actual tails.  I know they don't have anything you can really see as a tail but I think they may have a bit of a nubbin that covers their hole so I gave my guinea pig a wee little embroidered tail.  Cute!

Speaking of cute, check out the tiny toesies.  Super simple, too.  Just snip tiny strips into the end of a larger (wider) strip and then carefully round the "toes" to make them less square.  Again, great scrap buster.

The guinea pig is off to Australia.  I hope he makes it before Christmas but if not, he'll be a cute new years surprise.

What else am I working on for swap?  COOKIES.  Two dozen tiny cookies to be exact.  And another patch and two more dotees.  The cookies are almost done (just have to stitch up the last 11 and then make the plate for them).  And I have the ideas for the dotees all worked up so they'll be fast.  The patch won't be hard, either, once I get my idea.

OH, and I have to do a bit of christmas sewing, too.  I have kicky toys to make for my cat nephews and a shopping bag to make (for my sister to give to someone).  Tick tock!

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