Friday, December 12, 2014

For a swap: Advent cookie plate

Yeah, this project was so cute it needed its own post.

The theme was One Tiny Thing:  Christmas.  So you make one thing that's no bigger than 4 inches with the theme "christmas".

Here's what I came up with:

It's an advent calendar.

I know, I know.  It looks like a little plate of itty bitty cookies.  It's that too.  But since I was only to make ONE tiny thing, I'm calling this an advent calendar.  Well, a revers advent calendar?

See, there are 24 cookies on that plate.  So on December first you put the plate out and one cookie.  Then you add a cookie every day until December 24, when you have two dozen little cookies for Santa to enjoy when he comes to leave you fabulous presents (which he will because you left him such a crazy cute gift!).

Aren't they so freaking cute you could pee!

There are four different shapes (circle, rectangle, tree, and star) in three different shades (beige, green, and gingerbread--oh and one chocolate brown) decorated in three different ways (frosting/glitter, beads, ric rac).

I used a quarter for the circle ones, a weird star paperclip I found in my mess for the star and I free drew the tree and rectangle (and the rectangle proved to be the biggest pain in the ass to get the shape right).

The circle cookies have the most variety.

There are a few chocolate chip ones (french knots, yo!)

And two sandwich cookies.

Only one of them is an "oreo" because I ran out of chocolate brown felt or I would have probably made all the circle cookies chocolate chip and oreos.

That pic also shows the one side of the plate.  I used two different vintage feel christmas prints for it.

The other side right there for ya.

It's just a circle (traced a margarita glass!) with some batting in it.  SUPER simple.

And one last pic of all the cookies.  Each is lightly stuffed (so each is an itty bitty stuffed toy!).

I got glitter all over my kitchen (despite being VERY careful) and that means I now have glitter CATS.  Yup, last night I noticed both Murray and Eugene were sparkling.  They had bits of glitter in their hair.  My beautiful sons, looking like strippers!  What's better than pussy?  GLITTER PUSSY!!

Yeah, you read that and laughed, don't lie.

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