Tuesday, December 16, 2014

REVIEW: Equilter.com 3 lb fabric scrap pack

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I did some fabric shopping, folks.  Yes, I did.

I already have my stash club packet arriving (any day now) but I needed MOAR because I'm a greedy fabric whore.  Yes, I am.

I blame the $5 gift certificate I had for equilter.com.  What?  Take personal responsibility for my actions?  No, I will not.

Ok, I will.  I'll try to sound repentant but let's be real.  I like buying things and I don't have much remorse for this purchase (especially now that I see it--it was worth the money and the guilt).

But anyway, I had a $5 gift certificate so I was checking out equilter's booty packs (themed scrap packs) but I just got some of them and I didn't want the same theme again.  SO, I decided (in my infinite wisdom) that I'd just get the 3 lb fabric scrap pack instead of one little booty pack.  I wanted variety, gosh darn it all to heck, and a themed booty pack was NOT going to cut it.

So, I used my $5 to get some cheaper shipping on a big ole scrap box.

Did I mention I REGRET NOTHING!!

I've bought the 3 lb scrap pack before and it was good.  But this one?  It was BETTER.

Pictures or it didn't happen.

LOOK at that stack.  Oh, it was a good stack indeed.

There were 29 different fabrics in the box.  TWENTY NINE!!

Let's do a breakdown of what all was packed in there because fabric pron is fun.

KITTIES!!  Yes, there were two cat themed pieces including half of a Prisma cats panel.  I have a full panel of this and it's fabulous.  I actually gasped with glee when I saw that bit.

I also have some of the other cat print.  I got it in the critter themed booty pack I bought the last time equilter lured me to shop by giving me a $5 gift certificate for filling out a survey.

The rest of the novelty prints.

To give an idea of size, they are laid out on my 18 x 24 inch cutting mat.  They are all totally unfolded though some of them are turned horizontal so they'd fit the shot.  So you can clearly see the cuts are pretty darn big on a few of these.

Novelties included (left to right):  Western theme skulls, keys on cream background, shimmery fairies, badges, Batman, Maxine (turned horizontal) and lab puppies.

Next up were the blenders.  The box was stuffed with them which is good.  While I love novelties, my stash really needs blenders which are a bit more versatile.

The one on the far left appears to be a hand dyed fabric.  It's SUPER soft and a big ass piece.

We have brown, blue, green, and yellow all posing horizontal.  Smaller cuts but still plenty big.

Then we have a big cut of yellow dots on blue.

MORE blenders?  Ok.

Three different blues (one is not a full WOF, it's two 12 inch or so squares--still big pieces).  A green, a bright ass yellow with white polka dots (it's almost neon).  The pink and the purple chevrons are posing horizontal.  Same with the brick red/cinnamon solid.  The lone solid, I might add.  (I appreciated that, especially since that color is pretty ugly).

Wait, we're not done yet.

Want some sparkle?  Of course you do.

Deep red with little gold sparkles, gray blue with sparkly snowflakes (yes!), floral and leaf motif (harvest shades) with gold sparkle, and a brown with blender with sparkle.

Along the bottom was a pretty floral print (I think it's part of a panel, the print is in four blocks across the WOF and are very pretty).  Last but not least (and the pic doesn't do it justice) is a piece of citron/green geometrics.

So I scored BIG on this box.  Tons of very useful variety and a few things I absolutely adore.

What were my top picks?

The Prisma cats, naturally.  The sparkly fairies and Batman.  That fun hand dye, the sparkly snowflakes (that's a horrible pic of them) and that neon polka dot.

And if I have favorites there has to be some duds.  Now just because I call these duds doesn't mean they aren't nice fabrics.  They just aren't really my bag.

The skulls would have been better as a way smaller cut.  That's a lot of skulls right there.  That solid is just plain ugly.  I'm a fan of ugly and it's really not even "good" ugly.  It's like brick red and cinnamon had an ugly baby.  I'm really glad it's such a small piece.  Maxine doesn't get much love from me, either, though I do appreciate this is a small piece and the images are smaller.  I can work with that a bit more than the other Maxine print I had (note, I said "had"--that panel went off in the scrap box I gave away during the SMS giveaway--adios!).  The badges aren't bad, either, but it's just not a theme I care much about.  I could see using one bit to maybe make a patch or add a bit to an eye spy quilt but it's kind of big piece to use up entirely.

So, time to grad this purchase:

Grade:  A

I spent $41 (including shipping and less my gift certificate).  I got 29 different fabrics with only 4 official duds.  The majority of the cuts were big (big meaning over 5 inches x WOF).  I also scored quite a few fabrics I REALLY like and a lot of very useful blenders.

I definitely recommend the 3 pound scrap pack to folks who love mystery packs or folks who are building a stash.  But (as I always say with equilter.com) try and wait for some kind of deal.  Not that their shipping is over priced, but it's better to get the scrap packs when you can save even the smallest bit on shipping.  Oh, and sign up for their email newsletter.  They don't spam you and that's how you can get invites to take their surveys which will get you the $5 gift certificates.

Oh, they DO ship fast and package well, too.  (again, I'm not knocking them saying their shipping is too high, just that it's high-ish when you're only getting scrap packs)

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