Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Patches

Just a couple more patches.

This one is for the May patch.  The only requirements on it are a max and min size.  I think this one is pushing the max size but I think I'll be ok.

Fun little gnome/fairy village with a beaded path.

I'm really getting into beading.  It's definitely a trend on my patches right now.

The back.  It's a nice brown color but my craptacular lighting doesn't do it justice (it was pouring rain or I would have done outdoor pics).

Next up is the second patch for the Crazy Patch swap (this patch will go with the google eyed parrots).

I really like this one.  It's silly and just very "me".  Which makes me worry the recipient will think it's just too freaking weird.

I was going to make a fart patch with this fabric.  One of the cats off to the right of the whispering pair is crouched down (ass higher than head) and I was going to put a budgie button on the crouching cat and then embroider a fart puff out of its butt.  The farting cat would be saying, "Do not get the budgie!".  BUT, I thought that might not go over well with my partner.  I didn't even look at their profile so I didn't want to run the risk that they were one of the religiousy types (there are some fairly conservative/religious older women on swapbot who are all nice and all but don't appreciate fart humor or stuff like that).

I think this still gets the silly feel but without any potty humor.

I just might make the fart patch for myself, though.  I have one budgie button left so I should use it for me.

And the back.  I wanted something dark so it wouldn't contrast too much with the dark front and this was good.

Those two patches went out with all the stuff I showed off yesterday.  I cleared a lot of swaps off my dash today and it feels GREAT.

Next up?  Well, I have two open swaps on my dash.  One is a plush sugar skull and the other is playing with clay.  I have some cute ideas for the clay (and the clay is just waiting for me to bust into it) so I need to get to work on those.

But first I need to spend some time with the Fluff Project.  The rest of the week I'll work on that.  Last night I cut out a test run for the puppy pattern.  The sewing looks like it will be pretty straight forward.  I just have to test the fabric I'm using for the face.  It's a thinner linen/muslin type fabric so I'm not sure if will hold up to having the felt features put on.  I'll work on the test face tonight (hopefully--I have painting so I might not get much done) and if it's a no-go I have a backup fabric at the ready.

I also want to do a test run of the dinosaur pattern but last night I didn't have the attention span to cut all the smaller bits that go into that pattern.  The dinosaur has limbs and the dog doesn't, so the dog won out.

Now I need to check when I have to have my stuffies mailed by.  The bunnies and the dolls are ready to go, I could always send them out and then send the dogs/dinos when I have them.  I don't think I'm going to make my 40 stuffed toy challenge goal.  Such is life.

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