Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Progress: Painting: Mermaids

I don't have a cutesy name for this one (yet!).

I started a new painting a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to post about it.

So now I'm remedying that.

The top pic isn't exactly what it looked like before last night's session.  I think that's from two week's ago.

The bottom pic is how it is right now.  I decided where the light source is and started darkening some areas.  I'm really liking it being very dark on that right side.  I can foresee a LOT of shading on this one.

For the background I'd like to make it kind of wavy/rippled. I'm also toying with blurring the edges on the figures so they look like they're under water.  That's going to be hard for me because I love crisp sharp edges.  It's good to challenge myself so I think blurry edges is a good idea.

Close up of the turquoise mermaid.  You can't really see it in the pic (it's subtle anyway) but I did start darkening the flesh color.  Clearly it's not enough!  But that's kind of how I work.  Slow and tedious.  The instructor even jokes that I'd get done faster if I'd use a bigger brush.  I use a pretty small brush (it's about as wide as your pinky fingernail) but last night I used one that was about a wide as a thumbnail.  I joked back that I felt like I was painting the side of a house with that GIANT brush.

This painting is loosely based on three mermaiden dolls I sewed for the Fluff Project.  I have a pic of them in the ivy in my backyard but (this was my hubby's idea) decided to change up their positioning and all that to make the painting more interesting (not just three dolls in a line).  So that's new for me, too.

New stuff is fun.

I'm going to be working on this bad boy for a while.  I'll have to post updates more often.

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