Tuesday, May 27, 2014

For Swaps: patches and dotee

I'm doing two posts today to show off all the stuff I finished lately (most over the long weekend).

First up is the miscellaneous stuff.


For the Yellow Dotee swap.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm doing patchwork for this series of swaps.  So, guess what?  This doll is patchwork.

I was surprised how much yellow I had in my scrap bin.  I think only one piece of this fabric was cut from a bigger piece (the measuring tape print).  The rest were from the scrap bucket.  WOOT!

The face reminds me of Mr. Burns in The Simpson's episode with X-Files?  Where the town thinks they have an alien but it's just Mr. Burns wandering the woods after his various procedures to keep him alive.

I wasn't thinking of that when I made it but, let's face it, The Simpsons pervades just about everything in my life (I can have entire conversations with my spouse using only Simpsons lines).

Details of the bee buttons I added.  I had them sitting around so why not use them!  That really goes with the theme of this series where I just use what's around.

Back, to show the patchwork.  I had a few prints I had to make sure made it into the doll.  The magnifying glasses were definitely one of them.

And this disgruntled looking chick.  "Whadda you lookin at?!"  

Next up, some patches.

These were to angel a swap.  The hostess needed a volunteer to angel so I said "why not".

It was for the purple color in the rainbow series going on.

Button flowers on some sparkly fabric.

Kitty looking at a sequin and bead butterfly.

Purple rain. . .puuuur-ple rain!!

The backs.

This next one is part of a set for a swap but I don't have the other one done yet.  But I figured I should show it off now while I'm thinking about it lest I forget.

And this patch NEEDS to be shown off.


Holy crap, how long did it take for me to find the sew on google eyes and now that I have them I LOVE THEM.  They were perfect for this patch.

The theme for this swap is Anything Goes (or crazy).  Google eyes = crazy!

Is that a. . .CRACKER!!!  Give it to US!!

I added some basic embroidery and a cute bead/button dealie but, let's face it, the google eyes steal the show.

The backing fabric.  I've been itching to use this and now that I have I don't think I like it.  Not on the patch, I mean I don't like working with that fabric.  It's very densely woven and I was having to really work to get a needle through it, especially when it was doubled over. I do like the feel of it and the bright colors but hand sewing it was annoying.  (I got it as an extra in a swap so I'm not sure what mix it is, but I don't think it's just cotton).

OK, now for a separate post to show off THE BAG!!

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