Monday, June 2, 2014

Sugar Skulls!

Ok, they're actually felt sugar skulls.

Of course,they're made for a trade.

The swap was for just one but they're so small (about 2.5 - 3 inches or so) I just had to make two.  That and I wasn't exactly sure what the size requirement was, so if my first one was too small I made a second to make up for it.

The bride was the first one I made and I didn't think to add the veil until I had the front/face done.

Isn't she lovely!

I really like the face on this one.  It's cute but not too cute.  The eye sockets are bits of felt and the rest is embroidery and beads.  The veil is a bit of lace.  I tied it at the top (to make a little bunch) and then hid the bunch in the seam.  It worked out well.

The back.  Bead and sequin flowers with embroidery stem.

And now, for her husband.

I was a bit obsessed with making a skull with a mustache.  That and I wanted one with flowers as the eyes.  I saw a lot of skulls with flower eyes when I wa looking for inspirational images.  I was going to put the flower sequins for the eyes but they were too girly and once I saw that trim (the gold stuff) I had to make another crown.  (I used that trim for a crown on a doll a while back).  I like how the mustache turned out.  It was just free-handed but it's pretty even and looks decent.  It might be a tiny bit high on the face but I think that is kind of cute.  (for the record, I had to tear out the right hand side of the mustache twice to get it right.  I was worried I'd rip the fabric and have to start the face all over again)

I finally used some of the sew on jewels I've had forever, too.  Bonus.

The back is really very random.  I just wanted to do some embroidery but I didn't really want more flowers.  I thought I might do a pile of french knots (I love that look) but after a did a few I knew I didn't have the patience.  So I made a dot of knots (that's the yellow at the top) and then I just did some stem stitch and just made a random design.  I had been toying with using one of the skull beads I just got (love those tiny ones!) so after I had the swirly done it seemed a good spot for a bead so there you go.

These will go off in the mail probably tomorrow (I don't fee like walking them over this morning).

I LOVED making these.  So simple and fun.

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