Thursday, May 8, 2014


Finished up a bunch of dotees on Tuesday.

Spoiler Alert (for my swap partners).  These will go in the mail Friday.

First up, for the Rainbow Dotee series.  The orange dotee.

Front and back.

I've decided to do patchwork for each doll in this series.  This guy is a little grumpy.  Maybe his neck ruffle is too tight?

Next up, Dotee with a Pocket.  The swap requirements were the doll had to have a pocket and the pocket had to have one removeable item inside it.

Mmm, fish!

I put the tail up through the pocket mouth but then I needed to make sure I met the "removable item" requirement (since I wrote the swap, I have to make sure I follow the rules!).

So I added four loose fish beads into the mouth for good measure.

I love these beads and have been itching to use them.  Same with the buttons on the eyes.  They're a little big/bulgy but still cute.

Next up is a set.  I run the Unique Holiday swaps now so I did a double month this round (since I vacation in June and wasn't sure I'd have time to host a stand alone swap that month).

So this is June and July Unique Holiday dotees.

June brings us Donut Day.  (too lazy to look up the exact date again)

This donut is so cute, I was really tempted to keep it.

Tiny coffee cup on the tail.  I love these beads, too.  I still have one donut and one cup left from the string.  I'm hoping to use them together on something.

And from the side to see the cake portion of the donut.

I found the template online but I could have free handed it if I wanted to.  Just trace a cup for the big circle and then trace a nickel for the hole and free hand the wavy icing.

I think I sewed this in a different order from the tutorial (which I didn't really look at).  I put the embellishments on the icing (and only did one layer for it) and then sewed the icing and both cake layers together at the hole (using pink floss).  Then I sewed the cake together (adding the hanger so it was neatly tucked inside the seam--I get fussy about that) stuffing as I sewed.  Then I tacked the icing down with small running stitches spaced pretty wide (stitches are small but spaced far apart).  It gave the icing a rippled look with I like.  Then I added the tail.

The donut is paired up with the July Unique holiday dotee:


Yup, July brings us NUDE DAY!

WOOT, take it off baby!!

I gotta a little naked man, in my hand!

I still love the bathroom door sign image which worked great for this doll.  Sequin on the naughty bits (and a seed bead).


Yup, I totally added a butt crack on the reverse (and from this angle, there's a bit of a taint going on there--hee hee, taint!)

This guy has some serious Hank Hill ass.  He needs an or-thotic.  (man, I love King of the Hill)

I can't wait for my partner to get these.  I swap with her a lot (hi Suzanne!) and I think she'll get a kick out of the nudey guy.

They'll hit the mail Friday which means I only have one more swap to finish before I'm completely caught up.  I really need to get to work on the Teesha Patch bag.  I know once I sit down and start working it will come together well but I'm just kind of intimidated by it.  Perhaps a trip to the craft store this weekend (to look for fairy and sock monkey themed items) will help.

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