Monday, May 5, 2014

More Patches (for swaps)

I'll be taking these two out to the post office just as soon as I finish typing up this post.  They'll be in good company with a bunch of other stuff I finished recently (mostly patches).

First was a random patch.  There were no rules/challenges for the image or anything like that (just size max/min requirements).  So I could make anything I wanted.

So, naturally, I went for sweets.

Mmm, cupcake.

With giant bead sprinkles (and a touch of embroidery on the wrapper).

And what goes best with cake (well, aside from a big ole glass of milk)?

Ice cream, of course.

Next up was a patch with the theme "winter".  Nice and open ended (and part of a series where we made one for each season).

Let me pause to say, being on a fabric buying fast is a GOOD thing for me.  I went digging around in my stash and I found that cute girl fabric.  I had forgotten I even had it.  In  my defense, it was just a scrap piece (larger scrap, not in my bucket of itty bitty scraps) but it was PERFECT for the winter theme.  It kept me from going the easier route of using this cute snowman fabric I had (it was cute but this is cuter and less "christmasy").

Added a pom pom to the had and some sequin and bead snowflakes.  I was tempted to add another pom pom to the hat tail, but even my smallest poms were just too big for that little space and I didn't want to cover up any of that super cute squirrel.  Then I added a tiny bit of embroidery on the hat and coat (over the trim that's already printed).  It was just thread embroidery so it's very subtle but it helped make the fabric look a bit more quilted.

The backing fabric was easy for this.  I remembered I had this fabric so I picked it right up knowing it would end up in this patch somewhere.

So, what's up next?

I have to make a dotee with a pocket (I'm toying with doing a kangaroo--not very original but it should turn out cute) and two dotees for the Unique Holiday series (have both my ideas, just have to make them).  Then start working on the Teesha Bag.  I have a lot of stuff picked out for it (and ideas) I just have to get sewing.  Once I get started I think it will go pretty quick and easy.

Then I need to do some Fluffy Project work.  I have two patterns picked out and the patterns (paper) are cut I just have to do a test run on each to make sure they'll work well for assembly line production.

Oh, and I do have two quilt tops I could be working on.  Yeah, they get neglected more often than not.

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