Monday, January 13, 2014

For Swaps: Patches and a Dotee

I have a ton of swaps I signed up for so I need to keep on top of them.  Five of them have been assigned and I got four of them finished and packed up over the weekend.  Granted, two of them were just fabric swaps (which I had cut and ready before partners were even assigned) but the other two I did start to finish over the weekend.

First up, a dotee

Valentines Day Dotee

(really bad pics coming up--I didn't want to wait and try for natural light)

Full body showing hanger and full tail.

The body fabric is white with pink and red hearts.

You can see the fabric better in this closer pic.  The strip of hearts along the body is some very cute ribbon I got at Target.  They have some fun seasonal ribbons in their dollar zone.  I might grab up another spool of the one that had the die-cut hearts.  I really like that and sadly the spools are only 2 yards so you only get 1/4 yard per design (which goes fast!).

Yeah, that is one weird ass face but the more I look at it the more I like it.  I just love the heart buttons I got,  SO TINY!  I was surprised the eye of my needle fit through the button holes.  I'm also reminded how bad I am at cutting out hearts.  It's one of my many flaws.

Over all I like this doll.  It's not super fancy or anything like that but I think it's very "classic".  I was looking back through my stuff (I've been swapping for a year!) and it's fun to see the different dotees I've made.  I'm finally getting the hang of the classic look (sort of).

Next up, some patches.  Again, for Valentines Day.

The swap was for a pair of v-day patches.

Of course I had to use some of my very favorites Valentines Day fabric.  I love those ostriches so freaking much.  (and I also realized I'm a bit lacking on v-day themed fabric.  I'm making a note of it and once the buying fast is over I'll have to focus on beefing up my stash in the categories where I'm lacking).

A nod to Bob's Burgers, one of my partner's big likes (mine, too).  See, if I had more of a variety of Valentine fabric I might have had some red/pink elephants I could have used on this (to honor Topsy).  but this is still really cute.  I cut apart some of the die-cut ribbon hearts and used some little patches I had (I've had those forever and it felt good to actually use them but it also felt weird, I found myself thinking "don't use them all, save a few" then realized I'd been saving them forever and that was just dumb--they are now all gone).

Close up of the ostrich patch.  It has two of the little applique patches on it, a bit of the ribbon, some of the super cute tiny buttons (so glad I bought those) and a bow just because I wanted to use that hot pink thread.  The two hearts tucked into the ribbon are foam stickers and are removeable.  (I included some in both packages--I got the pack in the Target dollar zone, I think it had 50 stickers in it so tons to share).

Last but never least, the backs (just for good measure).  The hearts are from the same line as the ostrich fabric.  And some fun pink chevrons for Electric Love (to give a zappy kind of feel).

Next up?  A valentine plushie.  I'm toying with a zombie, perhaps with an exposed heart (or a heart on the butt--another nod to Bob's Burgers and Tina's fascination with zombies and butts--Tina is my favorite).


  1. Squee! Are those patches for moi? The ostriches are uber cool!