Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For a Swap: Birthday Dotee

Finished this up last night (so I can mail it out Friday).

Birthday dotee.  I decided to focus on the three big things all birthdays need.  Cake, ice cream, and presents.  The idea came to me when I was going through the box of 5" charms I have and low and behold I found the present print fabric.  Just cut those three charms in half and make two new pieces of fabric.  But it needed a bit more zazzle so I hit up my vintage ric rac for this muted pink with gold.  Perfect.  Just machine sewed that right along the seams and bob's your uncle.

Cupcake ribbon for the hangar (naturally) and then a wee felt face.  Again, it needed a bit more zazzle so I added beads as I stitched the face on.  I really like this face.  It turned out really cute (the eyes and nose are just one stitch tied down with a wee stitch in the middle and the mouth is back stitched).

And the back, just to show off the fabrics a bit more (since you can't see the presents under the face on the front).

You can't see the tail but it's all beads.  I found some pink tone ones in my plastic bead bag and just spaced them with the fatter seed beads (like the ones on the face).

This dotee is off to the Netherlands.  I wrapped it in a piece of fabric printed with swirly ribbons (like confetti) and tied it with a piece of pink ribbon.  I just felt it needed to feel like a present since it's a birthday theme and all.

What else am I working on?  Oh, trying to finish up some paintings and I'm making a tiny ragdoll and a unicorn and those darn guinea pigs.  I need to sew more and watch less t.v. (but I'm on a Sons of Anarchy binge right now so. . .)

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  1. Very nice! I'm having trouble making Dotee's these days. I'm going to try and redo a Valentine's Dotee that I'm not happy with so I can join a Valentine's Day Dotee swap.