Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fabric Fast: UPDATE

Time to check in on the fabric fast.

Well, since it's a fast there's nothing to see.  I haven't purchased any new fabric since January 1.

I did go to Joanne's a few times (because we were going to a store two doors down from it) and I did get some notions (buttons for a project, some felt balls that were on super mega after christmas clearance) but I bought NO fabric.  I also got some ribbon at Target (to use for projects) but NO FABRIC.

I've made quite a few swaps and used only stuff from my stash.  I've done a few fabric swaps using fabrics from my stash.

No what I've realized?

My stash is WAY bigger than I ever thought.  When I think about it I only really think about the fabric that's in my dresser (four drawers, pretty much full--the fifth drawer is just cheap felt, so I don't count it).  But I forget (conveniently?) the fabric on the bed (stacks of fat quarters from two different big swaps I did last year--I kept the fabric together because I was keeping track of what I had received and what I was missing and I liked seeing it all together) and the fabric in the 12 pound remnant box (I keep it together because I try to use from it for my charity sewing) and the fabric from another bigger scrap pack I bought (again, I keep it separate because I like it that way) and the big bag of random fabrics I got from the thrift or had given to me by other folks (most isn't quilting cotton) or the small pile of faux fur (and other odd ball fabrics).

Yeah, my stash is big.  Big like you think of god's as big.

I need to purge some of it (from that thrift store pile) and get to more sewing.

(oh, and that doesn't even count all the charm squares I have cut for my "will it ever happen" postage stamp quilt--a project that is slowly growing old right along with me) OH and there's a box on the bed two that contains scrap sized fabrics (another box I kept separate because I won it and wanted to always remember where it came from--why do I do that?).

I'm happy to report I have finished some of my fabric.  There are a few prints I've had for some time now and I've finally used the last of it (or got it down to just wee bitty scraps).  This is HUGE for me.

My big challenge now is to get my craft room organized.  I just keep putting it off.

And while I'm fasting I'm keeping a little list of fabrics I've seen and like.  Once the fast is over (and if I find any of those on a good sale) I might reward myself with one or two of them.

But for now, I'll keep being surprised by what I find in my never ending stash.  Honestly, I'm like a hoarder or something!


  1. Think of organizing your craft room as a fun project and tackle it one little corner at a time. You will enjoy fondling your things and your will be soooo happy when that little corner is cleaned up and organized. I've been tackling mine and it never takes as long as I feared.

  2. I like cleaning up my space and playing with everything. You have done well with you Fabric Diet. better than me :( hugs

  3. Yay for NO FABRIC purchases! =) I've noticed the same thing with my stash - way bigger than it needs to be, and also very segregated. I like to keep stuff together the way you do!

    I feel like cleaning up and organizing is helping - I'm finding stuff I forgot I had!

  4. Congratulations on no fabric purchase! I have a plan that when I finish sewing all my stash I will then clean up. I figure 2020.

  5. I bought one fat quarter as my entrance fee into a Brown Bag group - have to support the quilt shop that hosts us - left it at the shop and have not purchased any fabric. The quilt I am making in the Brown Bag group is totally from stash!

  6. It is amazing what you have when you really organize.

  7. Way to go for not adding to the stash!

  8. Well done for not adding anything this morning - I am 'clean' also and talking of cleaning, I could also use some organisation in my sewing room!

  9. I hear you on the big stash. I have nearly made a whole new quilt top from the stash and it has barely made a dent!
    Good luck with the craft room clean up, it'll feel awesome when it's done :).

  10. Organising all my stash properly really helped me realised that I have enough for my current sewing time availability and for what I need it for as a result.

  11. it's amazing how monstrous the stash gets pretty quickly, lol. I'm at the point where I'm trying to only buy "MUST HAVES" or trying to actually finish quilts. I didn't want to commit to fasting for an entire year, because there are fabric lines that are coming out that I really would like to add to my collection... but I'm drastically trying to cut back! You should take some pics of your stash sometime so we can all be envious ::wink::