Thursday, September 6, 2012

Work in Progress: Giant Squid

At long last, it has arrived.

These pictures don't do the yellow color justice.  At all.  The yellow is much brighter and lemony than is shows here.  And it matches the yellow pieces of sushi so well.  I'm very happy with the fabric. 

The fabrics are all washed and ironed (yes, I ironed SEVEN YARDS of fabric!) and now carefully draped over the bed in one of my spare rooms.  I need to wash/dust the floor well before I can start cutting.

I'm going to be a sweaty project, the cutting.  My third floor isn't very well ventilated so it's quite stuffy.  Maybe I'll fire up the fans for a bit and let it air out before I begin the cutting.

I'm so happy I washed and ironed it all right out of the shipping box.  And relieved that nothing funky happened.  I've never pre-washed fabrics before so I was envisioning some great drama in which all the yardage was ruined.  Hey, I'm a worrier, it's what I do.

The fabric wasn't super rough to start and washing definitely softened it even more.  And I'm hoping it also tightened the weave up a bit so when I go to stuff I won't get frizzies peeking through.

Man, I'm so excited about starting this project.

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  1. I remember your first post about this! Cute fabrics!! It's going to look great! I hope you'll keep sharing your updates. :) Way to go on the ironing! 7 yards is a LOT of fabric to iron. Glad all is going smoothly! :)

  2. Love that sushi fabric! Looking forward to seeing the finish :)

  3. Cute fabrics!

    Well done on all that pre-washing and ironing! I'm too keen to start a project (read: lazy) and just chuck some Colour Catchers in at the end when I wash the quilt and hope for the best haha!

  4. Whoop whoop!! I know that was quite a chore, prewashing and ironing all that - but it looks great! Can't wait to see this giant squid..... ;-)