Monday, September 24, 2012

New projects

This weekend I started two new projects.  I probably should have worked on the giant squid a bit, but after talking with the buyer there's no super rush on the squid (the buyer needs to gather up the funds to finish paying, so my casual sewing pace is perfect for them).

Since I had nothing else started, that meant I was free to begin whatever I wanted.

Oh yeah.

First up is the postcard cake slice I want to make (and then send) to my mother.  Her birthday is in October, so I have a nice bit of time to get this first one done (which will be a practice one--I can already see it's not good enough to give as a gift) and then make a better one to actually send.

So far, so good with this project.  But I think I want to try it with square sponges versus the rounded side ones I got.  I think they'll cut better.  And I think it might be better to cut the sponge with my exacto knife versus my bread knife.  I cut the frosting ditch with my exacto and it went very smoothly versus the bread knife which pulled and snagged a bit.  I also need to get some real cardboard.  Once I saw my cut on the sponge was messy, I knew this would be a practice card so I just used some cardboard from a beer case!  I will definitely want nicer cardboard for future cards.

While I was waiting for the spray paint to dry on the sponge, I started my next sewing project.

A scrap map of the USA!

West coast represent!  I would have gotten more done but I didn't have any scraps picked out for the next states (Idaho, Nevada, and. . .hmm, is that New Mexico?  I think it is, and Arizona is next to it--I get them confused).

I do have Utah picked out but I can't jump around.  I want everything to fit well.

You can't see it very well on this pic but Alaska is done (white snowflake print).  I got Hawaii a bit closer to Texas than I planned but I think everything will be ok in the end.

I have a lot of the states already selected but I need MORE scraps.  I have some charms (from a few swaps I joined) which will be arriving soon so maybe they'll give me more to work with.

See, it's not that I don't have FABRIC, I just don't have actual scrap right now.  And I hate to cut into a fat quarter (or big piece) just to get a little scrap. 

BUT. . .maybe this project means I "need" to buy a few new scrap packs?  There are a few (at different shops) that I've had my eye on.  But I think it will be more fun to wait for the charms I have coming and then to wait and make some more projects (and make my own scrap) and work on this map slowly.

So the map will be a long work in progress, which I like.

Now, I need to go buy some more Rockford Red Heel socks.  I have one more pair of sock monkeys I need to make (for a commission).

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