Monday, September 10, 2012

Green Bag Flashmob!

Want to get in on something fun that can help save the earth, recycle and/or bust your fabric stash down a bit?

Join Nataliya at Sistercraft Blog for a thre month long Green Bag Flashmob.  Check out the official post HERE.  (the blog is Russian but if you scroll down the post is in English too--in case you don't want to do the google translate thing).

Green Bag Flashmob?  What the heck?

No, you don't have to meet up anywhere or even spend one thin dime.  All you have to do (from Sept 8 through December 8) is make your own bags (any style, any materials) for either yourself or to give away or sell.  And then link up your bags at Nataliya's post and you could win PRIZES.  We all love prizes, right.  (really, check out Nataliya's blog for all the details).

Every re-usable bag you make can take the place of 1,000 plastic bags.  And, face it, re-usable bags are so much nicer to look at than plastic bags.  And the handles don't cut into your hands and fabric bags don't make that annoying crackling sound AND you aren't inadvertantly adverstising for a store if you have your own (advert free!) bags  (or you could advertise your own etsy store or charity).

You can got to Green Bag Lady and get a super simple basic cloth bag tutorial for FREE.

Now stop for one second and think about your fabric stash.  I bet you have some fabric in there that's just been languishing.  This would be a GREAT way to use it up.  Then you could use the bag in place of gift wrap on the next gift you give and you've spared the planet by not using paper wrapping (which just gets tossed out).

OR, you could upcycle old clothes, sheets, or fabric scraps into a brand new bag.  How awesome is THAT?!

Really, we should all be using re-usable bags whenever possible.  It's just a more economical and healthy alternative.  And why BUY re-useable bags when you know you can make one.  Even if you've never sewn before, that Green Bag Lady tutorial is so simple, you CAN do it.

Think about how proud you'll feel if every gift under your christmas tree is wrapped in a re-usable bag.  Then think about how much fun you'll have buying new fabric once you've busted your stash!

You have THREE MONTHS, folks.  Plenty of time to make a bag (or a few dozen).

Every little bit you do to recycle, reduce, and reuse is AWESOME.  Why not start by making yourself (and others) a re-usable shopping bag.

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