Monday, September 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Pin it to Win it

Now I don't pimp giveaways and such here often but this one is fun and relatively easy (for all involved) and is very "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" so. . .

I'm trying to win a fat quarter bundle at Freshly Squeezed.  I need any and everyone (minimum 12 folks) to re-pin one of my pics on pinterest.


Freshly Squeezed is having a Pin it to Win it Contest (details HERE).


--pick one of their Fat Quarter Bundles and pin the pic.
--get folks to re-pin your image and you WIN IT.  (need to get the same amount of pins as the sale price:  example:  the bundle I want is $12 so I need 12 folks to re-pin).
--Runs from 9/24 - 9/27 (full details on how to claim prize, etc are at the link)

I just need you to repin this:

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

Like I said, I only need 12 folks to help out (well, only 11 now, I already have one re-pin).

And so you don't think I'm being greedy, leave a comment if you re-pinned and I'll help you out with any contest you are currently in (this one or another--as long as no purchase is required).  Just leave a link to what you want me to vote for, re-pin, or re-tweet and I'll do it for you.

AND. . .if I win I'll share the wealth.  I'll have a giveaway here sharing either something I made from the bundle or something from my stash or. . .I'm not sure but I'll definitely celebrate the win.

Thanks for looking at this post and helping me out.

Good luck to everyone who joins!


  1. Just re-pinned it! Not in any competiton at the minute so just for the fun of it!

  2. Done :-))

  3. Actually just decided to join in as well, would appreciate a repin thanks!

  4. Just pinned for you! You can find mine at Thanks!

  5. Repinned! Here is mine:

  6. Did you ladies got it? I emailed mine last night but yet no news :(

    1. I haven't heard from Freshly Squeezed yet, either, but I assume they're super busy from all this so I'm not going to worry.

      I just hope I managed to be the first person to win the bundle I wanted so I actually win it (I assume since there was only one listed on etsy then there's only one available to win).

      Even if I didn't win, it was fun and didn't take much of my time so I'm ok with it.

      (oh and I re-pinned you)