Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lab Rat Embroidery Hoop

Finally have some pics of the final project I started (on Friday) but just wrapped up last night.

A new hoop to decorate my work cubicle.

First up, a link to the FREE PATTERN

Now, the pics.

Yes, the colors are very muted.

Close up?


I had been wanting to stitch up this pattern but wasn't overly motivated until that fabric came my way.  It was part of a JAQS Fabrics fat quarter destash pack I bought.  It was, to be frank, a rare dud.  I couldn't think of what on earth I'd sew with it.  It's just this side of ugly (not that ugly is necessarily BAD) with those froo-froo looking paisley whatevers.  I could have held onto it to pass along in a swap (maybe cut up as charms it would be more subtle?) or just unloaded it somewhere but I felt bad thinking that.  That's how much I really didn't like it (which surprised me).  But not now.  Now I really do like it.

The pics don't do it justice.  While the colors are subtle, they pop more in person.  The rat is done in a very pale gray.  The coat is white and goggles a very light brown.

And yes, you can see my errors.  I had a hell of a time figuring out what color of tracing paper to use because I was afraid a realy dark color would stand out too much after the fact.  So I went with an orange/red one I had.  But then the lines weren't quite dark enough, so I took a ball point pen and lightly went over it.  And of course I made a little drawing error then tried to dab off the pen and it made a smear (there on the test tube).

Hey, what an I say.  I'm still a beginner and this proves it.

But overall I'm quite happy with the finished product and it looks great hanging on my cubicle wall (right under my name plate--man, I hate that name plate).

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