Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Patchwork Project: Reversible Drawstring Bag

Finally I'm getting around to sharing this (I've had it done for at least a week).

First, a link to the FREE TUTORIAL I used.  That's a very good tutorial which I'm very happy to add to my pattern binder (did I mention I organized my patterns and put them in a binder--yea for organization!).

I'm also happy with my results.

That's the inside of the bag (hey, show the boring side first!).  I've had that fat quarter for a while (it was just one of those cheap quarters you find at craft stores--it was so cute I couldn't resist it).  I used the same fabric on both sides (same goofy cats).

Now. . .the cool side.

I used the same fabrics for all but one set of patches (the solid colors are different because they were scraps that were already about the right size and I didn't want to cut into a bigger scrap piece to get two of the same).

This is a great little project for scraps.  I used scraps from my packs and then cut into some of my larger sized remnants.  And two of the patches (the one with the goofy guy and the one with the embroidery hoop) are TRUE scraps.  They are the sewing instructions from the Spoonflower embroidered dolls.  I love that I was able to use them (and still have a few cute images I can use for other patchwork projects).

Normally I'm not overly thrilled by the pattern cutting phase of a project but patchwork is the exception.  While it took me a bit of time to get it all cut (I'm a super newbie) I did enjoy the process.  I even liked the sewing and ironing part (and bought an ironing board and replaced my broken iron so I could make this--well, and to iron clothes I guess--yeah right, I don't iron clothes!).

I'm thinking of altering the dimensions a bit to make a larger bag with bigger patches.  I think I might make one of these for my sister (using the Lorax fabric I already bought).

I just need to get some craft cord.  When I went to Joanne's to get some they didn't have enough in stock.  So for now I used kitchen twine (looks awful) just so I could hang it to take the photos (and get the feel of how to thread a cord).  I might also make the cord tube area a tiny bit wider on future ones.


  1. Goofy cats! That is an insult to cats. LOL I love the fabrics you've used on the "good" side. Thanks for linking up here.

  2. The patchwork bag looks really good. I think I caught a glimpse of it over on your LJ but you didn't share the whole thing. Loving the fabric that you chose for the inside, goofy cats ftw.