Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color My World Fabric Swap!

This is a new thing for me but trying out new things is good, right?

(man, I hope so).

Anyway, I joined a charm square fabric swap over at Color My World.

The theme is Shades of Grey and yes it's a reference (of sorts) to *that* book that has ladies everywhere enjoying a good one-handed read.  (nothing wrong with that ladies and gents--just wash your hands when you're done!)

Now I'm just about allergic to hyped up reading trends (never got into any of them and I despise that whole Oprah Book Club thing) but the idea of a charm square fabric swap does appeal to me.

First up, it will give me a chance to practice my cutting (so I'll have to buy a bit extra fabric in case I make a mistake--you know I will!).  Second, it gives me an excuse to buy fabric.  Love that (and I'm getting ready to make a large-ish purchase so I can add this yardage to that--love double dipping).  Third, it'll help me get a nice charm square stash built up (so I won't have to cut all my own later).

But what appeals to me the most is the randomness of it all.  Yes, there's a flickr post where we share what we bought (to reduce/prevent duplicates) so it's not a pure mystery but it still has that great grab bag feel.  I love that.

Summary of details:

Open to 56 participants (openings still available).
U.S. only
Must prepare 56 charm squares.
Must provide SASE (when you send your charms to the organizer) so you can get your pack back.

Of course, I crunched the numbers before I decided to participate and I think the cost (about $25 total, that's for my yardage and the to and fro shipping) is acceptable.  Yes, it's higher than an average charm pack (which go for about $10) but it's worth the slightly higher cost for the novelty of it all.

And if the worst case scenario happens (and I get totally ripped off--like I get NO pack or whatever) I'm not out that much either.  (not that I think that will happen but you have to admit it could happen)

We'll see how it all goes.  So far a few folks have shared pics of the fabric they're sending and I see no duds.  And (of course) I plan to find some funky/fun fabric to liven up the pack (I've found a few that I'm currently debating!).

OH and I'll show off the button for it (since I can). 

shades of gray button web"/>

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