Monday, August 13, 2012

Crafting for Charity: BIG FAT SUCCESS!!


Can I get a woot woot!!

I'm so excited to announce all seven items I offered for the Regretsy Charity Sale (go HERE if you want to check out what might be left or to donate cold hard cash) sold.  And it looks like they sold pretty quickly which is a double bonus.  And, the sale was going so well the organizers had a second round of submissions to keep the store going for a bit longer (I think the final donated item total was around 300 items--holy crap, folks are just so generous!).

Triple bonus?  There were comments (on the Regretsy facebook page) that folks wanted to get an Ewok but were beat to the punch.  So I'm thinking they'd be a good item to whip up for the next sale (whenever that may be).

To keep the good karma going, I shared the Wild Olive pattern link with the folks lamenting their loss on facebook and I plan to add a little "find the pattern here:" card along with the items when I ship.  (and the same applies to the peen turtle--little card saying where you can get the pattern to make your own--turtle pattern HERE --along the right hand side)

AND, I'm going to work up a little tutorial to help super beginner sewists make their own.  The pattern is already very beginner friendly but I'd like to show folks that the pattern is super flexible, so even if you don't have a machine or know how to use a machine you can make one AND have it turn out cute.

(I know I hate it when I think I can make something and then when I do it's not a cute as the tutorial).

So, in the next few days I'll whip up a tutorial showing how to make one both on the machine and by hand using two different fabrics for different results all of which are very cute and worth the effort (which is minimal).

My one regret (if you can call it that) is that I didn't make MORE things to share.  I have a lot of things made but I just didn't feel they were "good enough" to ask folks to buy.  They are all nice but they are first results from trying out new patterns so they do have flaws (probably not noticable to everyone but noticable to me).  So I need to re-visit patterns I've made before and make some really nice finished products to hold in reserver for future sales.

But first, that tutorial.  And who knows.  Maybe the products of the tutorial will end up as a giveaway!  A kind of "thanks to everyone who helps others" dealie.

Yeah, I'm very excited about all of this.

What has you excited?

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  1. I dropped the ball on this and didn't contribute anything, but that's awesome that all your stuff sold fast! You even provoked ewok-envy! That's gotta make a person feel good. That, and the fact that it's all for a worthy cause.