Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Happenings

I'm irked that I haven't accomplished more in the way of craftyness lately.

Last week I did manage to make three new ewoks and did take some pics intending to do a tutorial but once I looked back at the pics they were garbage so I think I'm going to scrap a full tutorial and do a modified one (once I get the rest of the ewoks made).  A link to the original tutorial (that has great pics) and then my tips/tricks added on (and pics of different versions of ewoks).  But that might be a while because. . .

I haven't finished my patchwork crocodile yet.  As I tend to do, I abandoned it just as it was getting close to completion.  I made the patchwork and cut out all the pattern pieces and even got the eye pieces stitched together but that's where I stalled.  So no more ewoks until I finish it.  BUT. . .

I may have to bump the crocodile back for just a quick bit while I whip up the two commission sock monkeys.  I went through my sock stash and had two pairs (out of 4 total in my stash) that were good to go.  (one other pair is larger, so I couldn't use it for this--need these two monkeys to be the same size and the fourth pair of socks had fading on them, so they're not good enough for a sale monkey--they also came from a trip to Beale Street in Memphis, TN so I'm not keen to give them away for a sale, I want them for me).

But the crocodile won't take long to finish and I think I'll be very pleased with myself if I do get it done, so I'm leaning toward doing it first then moving on to the monkeys (I could do all three items this week and weekend, no problem).

AND, I aslo joined that charm square swap group.  So when that fabric shows up I need to cut it all up which means I'll have to study some tutorials and then worry I'll screw it up then finally do it and have no issues and then laugh at myself for being such a worry wort.

AND AND AND, I also won a "traveling stash" box.  So when that arrives I'll have to make an official post about it (to show it off and offer up a giveaway for the next taker) and then keep it moving on its merry way.

DAMN, huh?  I have a lot of stuff going on crafty/creative wise.

And of course, I'm actually busy at my job so I don't have big stretches of free time to spend goofing off on the internet.  So I have to really PLAN when I'll post stuff.  That's not really a "bad" thing but just different which makes it a nuisance (while I'm getting used to it).

Ok. . .I'm thinking tonight I'll tackle either the monkeys or the crocodile.  No other projects allowed until those three are DONE.  (unless I want to cut up that fabric--but there's really no rush on that just yet).

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