Friday, August 17, 2012

Commissions: Back to my roots

Yesterday (as I was actually trying to work at work--gasp! no!) I was approached with a work related question that quickly morphed into a new commission.

A commission that takes me back to my roots.


I love sock monkeys.  They're cute but oddly weird looking (which you can play up or down, so versatile!) but more importantly they are EASY!

The ease probably comes from having made so many over my crafting history.  And let me just say, those first ones (completely hand sewn) aren't exactly "good enough" to sell to anyone.

I was tasked with making FOUR monkeys.  The only instructions/requests were "classic" in look (meaning Rockford Red Heel socks) and "baby safe" (so no button eyes).  Two are needed as soon as I can make them and the other two can wait a bit (since they are for babies still in the womb).

I'm pretty excited about this because it will give me a chance to try out the ballpoint needles I bought to make my sister's easter sheep.  I've made monkeys on the machine using a regular needle and had no issues so it will be fun to see if the ballpoint needle makes any real difference (I think I'll use a zig zag stitch too--I think older monkeys had a straight stitch).

So, we'll see what MORE KNOWLEDGE does for the finished products.

Now, to go hunt down my sock stash and see what I have on hand. . .

(oh, and while I'm talking commissions, the giant squid might be moving to stage two shortly--I'm working with the buyer on money issues, so hopefully they'll have the supply fee scraped together so I can buy the fabric and start on it).

Oh, there will be pics once I get these monkeys stitched up.


  1. I still cherish the alien monkey you made for me. He sits on top of one of my bookcases, leering at anyone who comes to pull out a book.

    1. I wondered about him when you mentioned you were doing a clutter purge. I'm happy to hear he made the cut!

      (if you have pics of him, I'd love to show him off on my blog--I could even add him to the background photos)

  2. Sacre blue! Etienne St. Cyr is not clutter! I like him too much to give him away. Maaaybe if my youngest niece begged for him. She is super cute and hard to resist.

    There are the pics I took when I got him, here:

    Or I can take sharper ones with my tripod, if you want.

    I just realized I never did make you a freakin' pin baby. I suck. I bet I still have some plastic babies somewhere...