Wednesday, May 27, 2015

REVIEW: Equilter Food Theme Booty Pack

I had a $5 coupon for Equilter (from doing one of their surveys) so that meant it was time to treat myself to a Booty Pack (aka themed scrap pack).

Booty. . .booty. . .booty pack, y'all!

As the title noted, it was a food themed one.

I love food themed fabrics, especially ones that have realistic looking foods on them.


S'mores, cookies, crackers, and potatoes.  All realistic style.

Let me pause to note how much I wanted that s'more fabric (I'd seen it before) but I just couldn't justify buying it for no reason.  SCORE, now I have a nice sized piece of it along with some kick ass cookies and crackers!

The other fabric in that pic is like a strip from a panel.  I think I might make at least one of the images into a patch.

These are the biggest of the cuts.  The biggest one has to be almost a full panel.  It has really big images that resemble food/drink signs.  It's really nice and might be fun to embroidery over.

LOVE the coffee fabric which goes so well with the cookies!  And the fruit/veg fabric is super nice, too.  Very muted tones.

Rating:  A+
They shipped it super fast and since I had the $5 coupon I only paid 95 cents for shipping, which is perfect.  (I've noted before that the price of the booty packs is very reasonable BUT not if that's the only thing you're buying.  The shipping makes it too expensive.  So I say get a booty pack when you have a discount code that helps offset the shipping or if you're making a bigger purchase, add one in as a little treat).

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