Tuesday, May 5, 2015


BAM, I just put the pic right there with no intro or anything.  Why?  Because that's how Ricky Spanish would do it, y'all.

My task for this swap was to use the Ninni pattern and do a design of my partner's choice.  My partner is super fun and all about American Dad (as am I) and she threw down the gauntlet to make Roger Smith as his alter ego, Ricky Spanish.


Down to the creepy bad teenage facial hair mustache.

Transferring Roger's unique physique to the ninni shape wasn't hard but it was awkward.  Roger is rarely (meaning never) shown face on.  You always see him in at least 3/4 profile because he really has no lips or facial features (no nose at all unless he's wearing his Kevin Bacon nose).  Kind of like how you never see a Simpson's character face on due to their odd proportions and all that.  But this works even though it looks really odd.

Gave him his full outfit of shirt, vest, pants, and belt.  Even worked a wee belly button in there, too.  The shirt is cut down from one of my undershirts.  The vest is felt.  The pants are a repurposed head band (so not denim, but still works) and the belt is ribbon with a paper clip bent for the buckle (compliments of my sister).  Belt loops are just embroidery floss.

And, of course, there's a full wig including the little shaved part on the side.

Yarn for the wig, which is attached. I need to work on making removable wigs for toys but. . .yeah, I have a lot going on and that's really not high on my list right now.

I'm super happy with how this doll turned out.  There's a new ninni swap up now, where you make it in the animal of your partner's choice.  It'll be fun to see what things folks want.

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  1. That's awesome! So, so fun. Roger would be stoked. :-)