Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For Swaps: Embroidery and a stuffie

First up is the embroidery hoop I made for the "negative space" swap.  You just had to make an embroidered design where you focused on the negative space, not the actual image.  Easy peasy.

But. . .boring.

I love, love, love how this turned out but I had a hard time keeping interested in it to get it finished.

I blame the heap of french knots.  They look cool but they are boring as boring can get to make.  But I'm glad I went with the french knots, which was my original plan.  It's worth how dull the project can get for the results.

Next up is a stuffie I made for a kawaii "food with a face" swap.

Cute fried egg!

So damn EASY, too (over easy?  hee hee, egg pun!)

I traced a glass for the circle for the yolk.  Then add two free form cut eyes (just used a scrap of felt).  Attach the eyes and then add the little white stitch to each.  Embroider the mouth (though you could do that at the very end, too).

Cut out a random egg white shape.  Attach the yolk to the right side of the white, stuffing lightly as you attach it (using a zig zag top stitch).  Then sew the cut out white to another piece of white fleece.  With odd ball shapes, I found it's easier to cut one out and then sew it to a non-cut piece versus cutting two identical ones and then fighting with the edge as you sew.  Fleece is stretchy, so having a bit of wiggle room with the non-cut piece of white fleece was nice.  (oh and use a zig zag to sew the two whites together--zig zag and a ball point needle for the win when it comes to fleece).  Turn the egg right side out and then use a straight stitch to stitch around the yolk (to really make it pop).  Hand stitch the opening along the white and your are DONE!

That's a BIG egg right there (that's a full sized dinner plate, not a saucer).

I want to make more of these or the Fluff Project.  But I kind of want to make bacon, too.  So I think I'll have to get some red fleece and make up some nice floppy bacon to go with the eggs.  Or maybe add arms and leg to the egg (and the bacon) so they can hold hands?  We'll see how that works out.

Speaking of the Fluff Project, I'm going to make up some mermaids for May/June, too.  I decided to combine May and June  since I'll be vacationing at the end of June. So I want to get 10 stuffies mailed out before I go on vacation.  Doing eggs (or eggs and bacon) will be FAST.  (the egg I made took about half an hour start to finish, once I had the steps all figured out--I did make a test egg that wasn't nearly as cute--I might give that to my cats to play with).

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