Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fluff Project: April Items DONE

Ok, technically I finished them a few days ago (in May) but I'm not going to lose any sleep over that small fact.

For April, I made teddy bears.

Six teddy bears, to be exact.

They're all from the same fabric which was about a yard of brown flannel (with a slight mottling to it) I scored at the Salvation Army fabric sale.  It's a special event the sal army has where they sell JUST fabric and notions.  It's just this side of crazy (they only let so many folks into the building at a time and there was a big ass line) but an organized kind of crazy that works for me.

Did I mention I got the fabric for about a buck (or maybe a buck and a half).  So, say, $1.50 for enough fabric to make six stuffed toys.  The felt on their faces was cut mostly from scraps and the stuffing, thread, and embroidery floss I always have on hand (so I never really factor it into charity stuff).

These six bears are joining all the other stuffies I've made so far this year.  I put them all in one box (a box from the big ass bags of stuffing I buy!) and hope to get them mailed on Saturday.

"Hey, mom, what's this?"

*sigh*  Murray, you're not supposed to be on any of the tables let alone the one I'm sitting at trying to work.

"Well, what is that?"

It's a brush to get your hair off everything.  You shed like it's your life's work.  Just being this close to the toys will have them sprinkled with hairs.

"You mean THOSE?  Yeah, I got my hair on those.  You'll need to use the brush on them again.  Probably twice before you put them in the box.  Oh, and Eugene chewed part of the box."

Yes, I noticed that.  You are both ever so helpful.

YES, I have to lint roller every toy I finish because Murray's hairs are everywhere.  Even after a good rollering I'm sure they still end up with at least a few hairs on them.  Hey, I'm a crazy cat lady.  That's the price you pay when you have cat children.

And Eugene really did chew the box I'm mailing them in.  There were handle holes (with little flaps that can get pushed in to make the handle holes) and Gene chewed the crap out of one of the flaps.  Or maybe it was Murray?  Safe money is on Eugene for that one.  He loves to chew cardboard (the thought of that makes my teeth want to crawl out of my head).

So, what's on the Fluff list for May?  I have no freaking clue.  I'm tempted to revisit one of the baby friendly patterns I have (like the little horses or dinosaurs) because I can churn out a lot of those really easily.  I just need to go up to my craft room and thumb through all the patterns and see what strikes my fancy (but I really think a super simple one is going to win).

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