Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fabric Review: Missouri Quilt Co order

(note:  I do reviews just because I like to, not for compensation)

I've purchased from Missouri Quilt Co once before but didn't think to review them because I mostly do reviews for scrap pack purchases (because it's fun to show off what I got).  The time I bought from them before, I did buy some fabric but it was just yardage (actual full yards, a rarity for me) so it wasn't anything that exciting to talk about.

They had a "free shipping" deal again (they have daily deals and sometimes they make free shipping, with no minimum purchase requirements as the deal) so I decided to grab up some smaller cuts of some fabrics I like (and I'm going to use for a quilt swap I'm doing).

True confession, the first time I ordered from them I didn't realize I could order smaller cuts (because I didn't look close enough--most places will sell smaller than a full yard, duh!) but I didn't care that much because I really liked the fabric I was buying (it was Star Wars and Wonder Woman fabrics).

Blah, blah, all this lead up is to say this:

Missouri Quilt Co gives very generous cuts.

That pic is all the fabric I bought.  I bought a lot of 1/4 yard cuts (only three cuts were half yards) and as I was unpacking them I noticed they varied in size a LOT.  So, being the uptight type that I am, I got out my measuring tape to make sure the smallest one wasn't under 1/4 yard.  I was delighted to see that the smallest one (that's the one right there on the top of that stack in the pic) was 1/4 of an inch larger than 1/4 yard.  The rest of my 1/4 yard cuts were MUCH bigger.  I didn't measure them all to see exactly how generous, but I'd guess an inch or two on most of my 1/4 yards.  That's really generous.  You'd expect maybe one or two to be a little bit bigger but really only ONE of my 1/4 yard cuts was "exact".  Two others were very close (but still bigger) and the rest were at least an inch or more bigger.  And it looks like they were all cut neatly, too.  Sometimes places give you a lot extra because they cut poorly, so you have to lose a ton of fabric to get it nicely squared up ( is bad for that--especially on panels--they cut into the panel images a lot, very disappointing).  

So I was super happy with how generous the cuts were on an order that I got free shipping on AND the majority of my fabrics were also on sale (and the majority are Cotton+Steel which I've been waiting to get--I like to wait and make sure I really want stuff before I buy it and also to see if it goes on sale a bit).  

So if you're buying, I highly recommend Missouri Quilt Co (or maybe they go by Missouri Star Quilt Co--I see their website is Missouri Quilt Co but the masthead has "star").  Sign up for their emails, too.  Then you can get the deal of the day (and not miss the free shipping when it comes around).

OH, and they also have tons of free tutorials on their youtube channel.  I'm going to use one (the "quilt as you go" one) for the quilt I'm making for a swap.


  1. Thanks for this review. I have recently sworn off because between their sloppy cuts and awful shipping times I am always annoyed or disappointed with something about my order with them. Saving the few dollars just isn't worth the hassle. So, I have been wondering how Missouri Quilt Co. was as well as the Fat Quarter Shop. I have recently bought from Winter Creek Cloth and had a couple of good experiences with them. So, anyway, I appreciate the info!

    1. I'm not buying from anymore either -- I don't know how recently you've been to the site, but I went to browse the other day and they up-charge for cuts less than a yard now (so the yard cut will be $9.78, but a HY is $7.48... wtf?!)

    2. What?! They charge for cuts smaller than a yard? That's just crazy (unless they only do it for sale stuff, I've seen a lot of stores that make a yard the minimum on clearance stuff, which makes sense). has gone downhill. They used to have this crazy awesome scrap box for a great price. They upped the price on it so it's no longer a deal at all (admittedly, it was a mega good deal before, so upping the price a bit would have been perfectly rational but they made it so it's no different than buying yardage, boo to that).

  2. Thanks for the tip, it's good to know they do skinny quarters and they are generous! All these fabrics look great together! C+S = so yummy!

  3. I absolutely love MSQ. I ordered from them a few times and the minimum for free shipping is fairly low, the shipping times are fast and Jenny Doan is just amazing. I wish I'd been able to see her when she was in town.