Monday, September 30, 2013

For a Swap: RED Teesha Moore style patches

Got another swap finished over the weekend (and will get it out in the mail as soon as the post office opens).

It was a TM patch swap with all patches in RED.  (it's the first in a series of rainbow color patches--next up is orange!).

The swap only required three patches but I just had to make that itty bitty extra one.  I had this tiny bit of felt and it was just begging to become a patch.

The tiny one might be my favorite of the group (just because it's so wee and I also like tiny pom poms) but I'm also a huge fan of the Scottie dogs.  I embroidered around the edges of both dogs and put some fill stitch on their collars.  Then added the ribbon and ric rac for the leashes.  The best part of the patch is the backing fabric.  It's this stretchy low pile faux fur type fabric.  I just love using odd fabrics for these, so the fuzzy fabric was a must.  Though it didn't make for the neatest edges.  The fabric is very stretchy and the corners got really bulky.

The tiny patch is super simple.  Just five tiny pom poms stitched to some polka dot fabric and backed with pink and red striped fabric.

I didn't realize how much of my red fabric is floral print.  So the last two patches are florals.  The smaller one is just simple embroidery over some of the images (and some french knots) with polka dot backing fabric.  The largest patch (which is not quite 5 inches square--I didn't measure it but there's no way it's bigger than that) is similar.  Embroidery over some of the images and contrasting buttons (sewn with contrasting thread).  The backing fabric is sparkly gold speckles (not quite polka dots).

Once I got started on these they whipped up fast.  It was just slow figuring out what I wanted to do.  With these sets I always like to make at least one "wow" patch.  I'd say the dogs are the "wow".  "Wow" doesn't necessarily mean crazy flashy but just a bit fancier or more labor intensive than the others.  Though given how small these all are, none of them was that labor intensive.

I think for the next batch (the orange ones) I may have to make a round one.  One of them should actually look kind of like an orange.  Hmm, I think I have an idea.  A round patch featuring one of the fruit kids from this funky fabric I have (the fabric has children with giant fruit heads--I'm sure there is an orange kid).

But first, I need to finish up my Halloween art doll.  It's nothing at all like I planned but it's turning out quite well.  AND, I'm able to use the two items I wanted to use in it.  Then I need to get cracking on my Day of the Dead swap.  That one goes out to Mexico, so I want to get it mailed a bit early so it might get there in time to be added to my partner's shrine.

Happy crafting everyone!

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