Thursday, September 26, 2013

For a Swap: Witch Dotee

It's that time of year.


So that means spooky swaps.

Just one dotee to share today, made for the Witch Dotee swap.

How cute is she?  Yeah, that cute.

The body is made from this low pile green furry fabric I've had sitting in my stash for a while.  Remnant bin for the win, y'all.  The hair is black wool blend felt.  I really need to bone up my wig skills (have to do some googling later).  The dress is the cuff from a sweater I bought to felt but hadn't felted yet.  It had angora hair in it and I didn't want to felt away the fuzziness.  I still might felt the sweater but for this small bit I didn't really need it felted.  I just did a drawstring/running stitch along the cuff to pull it tight around the neck and added a (very rough) blanket stitch along the bottom to deter any fraying/falling apart.

The hat is some scrap fabric I found in my bin.  I was thrilled that it was *just* big enough to complete the hat and that I didn't mess the hat up at all (no room for error!).  It's just a cone shape on a circle, super basic.  I stuffed the cone but not the brim.  I wanted a floppy cutesy look for the brim.

Check out the face, too.  I'm getting better and better with embroidering on stuffed items (and the nose and mouth are green floss, even though it looks white-ish in the pic).

What witch would be complete without a black cat?  NONE.  I've had this kitty button in my collection for a while and it was too cutesy for some other projects but just the right amount of cute for this one.  The dotee's tail has green beads with a little frog.  I really should hit up the craft stores again to check the clearance bins.  I'd love to get more charms like these (I got them on clearance for $1 each, yes, I bought them at Hobby Lobby, a store I don't particularly LIKE but I will pick their clearance bins from time to time because I'm a cheap hypocrite).

Next up?  I need to make a little Halloween themed art doll (I have an idea for that but I'm not sure it it will work like I thought it would. . .may have to fiddle with that idea more because I love the idea and can't let it go).  Then I need to buckle down and get my Day of the Dead stuff done.  I need items for a swap and for my personal shrine (for my cats).

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