Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Oh MY!" Another Star Trek Themed Patch

I've been chomping at the bit to get this done and then show it off.  

So. . .here it is.

Hee hee!  It's the George Takei "Oh MY!" patch.

You know you want a close up.

OH MY, indeed!

Yes, you're seeing that correctly.  I embroidered the abs, bulge, AND happy trail.  Yup, I embroidered pubes.  My inner Beavis is still all "huhnh huhnh" over it.  (OH, and the nipples.  They're perky little french knots. . .ooh, la, la!).

This patch is a combination of three different fabrics, embroidery, and cheap ass felt (I always use the cheap ass felt for the batting).

Phallic rocket pop fabric for the back.  Ready for tasty take off!

So, what's next for my Star Trek themed patches?

Well, I think Uhura will be next.  I have some cute fabric with aliens driving VW buses which I think will pair nicely with Uhura's mug shot.  The alien fabric has "We come in Peace" printed on it, so it'll be like the silly aliens are making first contact.

Then I think I need a "Damnit, Jim" patch featuring Dr. McCoy.  But I have to figure out what back fabric to use for that one.

THEN. . .I'm thinking of a "Peace, Love, Spock" patch and last but not least, a Kirk Tribble patch.

But first, Uhura.

(all these Star Trek patches make me wish they made Futurama fabric.  I want a Kif patch)


  1. Ahahha! That is just perfect. And that drumstick pointing at that guy's crotch is very distracting.

    1. I was tempted to do some fill stitch on the drum stick but decided to be "classy" instead (and only stitch the happy trail).

  2. haha!! He'll love this if he sees it. :)

  3. Ja ja !!Me hizo reír.
    Menos mal que resistió la tentación.Es usted una dama.