Monday, September 9, 2013

FY14 Charity Sewing Challenge: Some finished items!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah.  I got some serious stitching done this weekend.  And, and, and, it's a TRIPLE DIP, y'all.

Everything I sewed this weekend is for my FY14 Charity Sewing Challenge and the Fluff Project.  AND, it also works for Hopeful Threads September Monthly Project (Create H.O.P.E. Sew Along).

OH freaking YEAH!!

Ok, time for pictures.

Look what I finally finished!  These are the mermaids I started at the beginning of LAST month but things got busy and I had to put them aside.  I was disappointed that I didn't have a Fluff box to send out last month but then I remembered that I did send out a box for the Hopeful Threads August Monthly Project (the pencil pouches with supplies) so it's not like I dropped the ball completely.  I did do some charity sewing.  But it wasn't from the 12 pound fabric box that I bought specifically for this challenge (or, rather, I came up with the challenge after I bought the box because I needed motivation to actually use all that fabric!).

Good news!  Everything I made this weekend used fabrics from The Box.

But now that I'm looking at the mermaids again, the tail fabric on this doll *might* have come from my stash.  I was going through The Box (to pull scraps from all the projects I've completed this month--for this month's giveaway--coming soon!) and I couldn't find any more of that aqua fabric.  So it might have been from my stash.  Eh, no biggie.

This lovely lady is ALL fabric from The Box.  This pic doesn't do her justice.  She's loaded with bright colors (but her yellow hair got washed out in the pic).

This gal's hair did come from my stash.  I could have just doubled up on either the yellow or gray fabric but I wanted each mermaid to be different.  I'm doing a series of swaps for blender fabrics and got this navy camo fabric from that.  I was wondering what on earth I'd use camo fabric for and I happy to see it looks damn good as hair (if I do say so myself).  It balances the bright tail colors and really pops against the skin tone.

Speaking of the skin fabric, it's some of the fabric I tea dyed.  I had quite a few pieces of very pale green (think celery color but not as bright) in The Box so I used it to try my hand at tea dyeing.  It turned out really nice.  My crappy photo doesn't do it justice.  It's a very light tan color, so all my mermaids look sun kissed.

I'm getting a lot better with this pattern, too.  I only wish there were more hair options for it.  I tried my hand at making my own hair shape but it's not there yet (it's good enough for my practice mermaid I kept in my Misfit Toy collection, but not good enough for donation).

I'm definitely improving with my embroidery.  I'm very happy with how all these faces turned out.  Man, I remember the first time I tried to embroider eyes on a sock monkey.  It worked, but it looks as homemade as homemade can be.  These look very neat and "professional" (if you will).

Next up, a whole herd of ponies!

The herd is where the triple dip comes in.  This pattern is a H.O.P.E. Designs pattern.  The purchase price of the pattern (only $5) goes to charity and now the finished products will go to charity, too.  I liked the pattern a lot.  It really was a quick and easy pattern.  I was able to whip this herd of eight ponies up in one afternoon, start to finish.

All the fabric featured in the ponies is from The Box.  I had equal amounts of all four patterns, so I used it until there wan't enough left to make another pony.  I probably could have done a patchwork pony (different print on each side) but I prefer the bodies to be all one print so the mane/tails better contrast.

It leftovers fabric from the ponies has been added to the giveaway pile.  I'll be posting the official giveaway announcement some time the week of 9/16.  It will be another scrap pack (with some larger pieces and some "scrappy scraps") and will (as always) feature fabrics I used in projects I finished this "month" ("month" being the length of time since the last giveaway, not a calendar month).  The giveaway pack will also include fabrics featured in the pencil pouches and some fabrics I haven't shown off yet (for projects I'm finishing now).  Most of the fabrics will be from The Box.  And there will probably be some bonus fabric in there, too (lord knows I have enough from that 12 pound remnant box!).

Ok, time to go show this pile of stuffie goodness off at the Hopeful Threads flickr group.

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