Monday, November 30, 2015

For some swaps

Just showing off a few things I made for swaps.

First up is a ninni for a swap on swapbot.

The swap was for a winter/christmas themed ninni.  Once I got this idea in my head I had to do it.  I tried to convince myself to do a gingerbread man ninni instead but I ultimately went back to my original idea.  Christmas Tree Ninni!

The body is cotton, ric rac smile, felt eyes, button star, pre-packaged miniature decorative light string (held on with a few stitches here and there), fleece tree skirt (just quickly made from trimmings from the bacon stuffies I made earlier in the weekend) with little packages sewn on (store bought packages, those ones you get to hang on mini trees).

SUPER easy to make and SUPER cute.

Next up is for a secret santa style swap over at the FJL forum (that's what the regretsy forum became when regretsy closed up shop).

Pusheen style kitty made from a felted cashmere sweater.  The same sweater I used to make the spoon for the dish and spoon stuffie set I made last year for a gift for my spouse's niece (I need a nickname for the lone golden sproglet niece, I'm leaning toward The Princess or Her Royal Majesty aka HRM since that's about how she is treated. . .not to be confused with The Bratling, the eldest of all the nieces/nephews, his nickname started as a diss but is now a term of endearment with me though his nickname is reserved for use only in my household, I don't call him it directly unless he's actively being a crazed brat, which happens often).

Pusheen kitty joins some socks (my swap partner wanted a bunch of different socks so that's what I got her but they weren't that exciting so I didn't take a pic), some candy (again, boring so I didn't take a pic), and THIS:

Cat toy sized versions of my bacon and egg plushies (sans eyes because I'm too lazy to put eyes on something a cat is just going to destroy).  I used scraps from my bacon and egg production.  I truly did just use random scraps (free hand trimmed the bacon but didn't make exact fat strips, just free handed those then scooted them around as I sewed them down).  The egg does have a stuffed yolk (with catnip in it) and catnip in the white.  Catnip all through the bacon, too.  I think they'll be well received by my swap partner's feline overlords.

AND. . .I got pics for the bacon and egg tutorial so I'll have that up (hopefully in a bit but at least by the end of the week. . .it's not fancy at all but it does explain how I make them).

Ok, I have more posts so let me just get to them.

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