Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fabric.com is a RIP OFF

I just have to get this out of my system right now.

fabric.com is a huge stinking rip off.

Oh, they have sales and lowish prices and free shipping (all the time) if you spend $35 (which is so freaking easy, am I right?).

BUT. . .you have to buy full yards to get the best price.  And that's a NEW policy.

I got their fun black friday sale email so I went to go sniff around the sale stuff.  Thought I'd grab up some half yards of some fun stuff on my wish list.

But wait, when I select half yard it's not just half the price of the sale.  It wasn't even half of the REGULAR price.  "Ok," I thought, "it's because it's a sale.  Let's check a regular priced item and see what's what."  Same damn thing there.  Full (non sale) price was $9.48/yard.  For a half yard it was $7 (and change).  


THAT'S JUST NUTS.  Who on earth is going to agree to pay THAT much more for less.

Oh, fabric.com, I used to enjoy going on little spending splurges with you.  Yes, I learned to avoid buying panels from you because you have some poor cutting quality with panels (but good customer service trying to correct it but even the corrected panel was still cut into. . .*sigh*).

I guess I always knew I shouldn't be buying stuff there.  It's better to go to smaller stores and all that but I'm cheap and if I could score a deal I was all about it.  Those days are now over.

So, all those smaller shops out there, I'm ready to do some shopping.  Whatcha got in the way of sales/deals this holiday season?

(for the record, I was hoping to score some Highlands cat prints and I was willing to buy one of the shades in a full yard because I knew I could use it but I wanted other prints and I know I won't use a full yard of any of them.  Oh, well.  Their loss, some smaller shops gain!)


  1. connect threads alse has free at 35 dollars and good stuff

  2. agreed... It's crazy that they expect people to pay that for a half yard. Hawthorne threads is actually cheaper if you shop there a lot (i'm down to $9.10 per yard, lol) and shipping cost is minimal. Stash fabrics also has free shipping over $50 and every Kona solid.