Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Let's Book It: Project Completed!

Over the weekend I got my Let's Book It Challenge item done.

Holy crap, I've been sitting on this forever and the project was so stinking simple. . .yeah, I'm embarrassed by my procrastination.

I scored the Sock it to Me book at the discount book store for only $3.99.  WOOT!

It's full of funky stuff and I want to make every item in it but I decided to go with one of the easier projects (some required really long socks which I don't have and one really cool project requires fabric paint which I also don't have so. . .)


Creepy clown ALERT!

Oh, I wasn't kidding, he's creepy.


But also cute.

Though I'm not thrilled with the lack of arms.  I was tempted to poach the arm pattern from one of the other projects to make this goofy fella some arms but I wanted to do the project as it's described in the book before I went altering it (though I did alter by using yarn for the hair instead of a nappy ass clown wig--though the clippings from the clown wig looked super cool).

This project was so damn easy and fun.  I was tempted to make a few more and to have a car full but I wanted to make sure I completed the challenge so I only made the one.

The problem I have with this book is not with the book but with me.  I love the projects but they're not the type of things I can give away to something like the Fluff Project once I make them.  I can only keep so many of the funky things I make so I might not get back to playing with this book for a while (well, maybe I'll dip back into it for a swap I'm hosting, but you get my point).

Funky clown is now hanging out on the shelves in my craft room.  He seems happy enough.


  1. Creepy and cute - that's it. I like what you used for the hair and I would be tempted to add arms to the poor fella too.

  2. Now I have to look for that book, he's wonderful!

  3. Creepy and cute really does fit.