Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Quilty Goals: New block practice

There's some debate (in my own mind) as to whether I did this block correctly.  I re-watched the tutorial and I swear I did it right BUT I looked at another tutorial (provided on the swap I thought I was going to do but then dropped because I wasn't sure I did the blocks correctly) and it looked different.

Eh, here's what I got:

I made them in the colors the swap specified (thinking I was going to use them, before I chickened out).

Clearly one is a bit crooked.  I'm not sure if that's a sewing error or pressing error or a bit of both.  (that's the block there on the right)

Closer look to examine.

See, the debate is over that wee little four patch in the middle.  On the Missouri Quilt Co tutorial, they only give the middle bit one quarter turn so you get the white going diagonal down the whole patch and the color diagonal in the other direction.  But on one of the other tutorials (that I'm too lazy to look up now) they have it turned more.  I think they said 180 degrees which would be two quarter turns (if my math is right, which it frequently is NOT).  So in the example block above, that would mean you don't have color flowing diagonally.  For the center you'd have the grape print next to the two other purples and the whites as a band.  But in the one tutorial they also did the flipping differently so maybe that's the problem?

I really think the Missouri Quilt Co tutorial was the easiest and made sense for the seams, too.  The way they have you turn the middle bit, your seams fit nicely together.

Either way, I didn't feel like making more because they are a bit fussy.  Not hard, exactly, but fussy.  They remind me just a bit of paper piecing which isn't my bag (there are a lot of seams on the back so it's kind of bulky).

I did do well in matching my points on both.  The one just has that crookedy part to it.

I didn't bother to trim them down at all.  I think I'll just add them to my miscellaneous block pile and use them to practice free motion quilting.

Speaking of, I got a bit more of that done this weekend, too.  You'll see that in the next post when I show off the patches I made.

Ok, off to the next post, shall we?

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