Monday, October 27, 2014

Shhh, we're sleeping!

Time for a small cat break.

Sunday, this is what the whole family was doing.

Good thing we have a big couch.  It can hold both cats, me, and the hubby.  Perfect for lazy Sundays.

You think I'm exaggerating?  Really, we slept all day.  It was just like being a cat and it was wonderful.

And cats are so much easier to photograph when they're sleeping.

Could Eugene *be* any more precious in this pic?  Actually, he did get even cuter when he covered his face with his paw but the pic of that just looked like a fuzzy gray ball.  You couldn't see his face at all and it was hard to tell what exactly you were looking at.

Sleepy Murry.

This might be the first pics of Murry I've shared here.  Our sweet girl, Olive, died about a month ago and it really hit the whole family hard.  Eugene the most.  He loved Ollie like no other and being an only cat wasn't working for him.  It also wasn't working for us so well.  We are a two cat household and being a cat low left us feeling empty.  Enter Murry.

He's about 11 months old now (so still a youngster) and we're just starting to see his personality emerging.  He's sweet and cuddly and has enough energy to race around the house with Eugene (and wrestle--they love wrestling).  When we went looking for second cat, we were looking first and foremost with Eugene's needs in mind and I think we did well on that front.  It's a bonus that Murry is more of a lap cat than Eugene.  We do enjoy lap cats around these parts.

Even if the "lap" is the side of your neck.  Murry does enjoy sleeping near your head.  He gets into bed with us and wakes me by nipping my ears and grabbing in my hair.  As long as he doesn't fart, I can live with it (and he does fart, he's a total stink bag).

As for Olive, we picked up her ashes this weekend so she'll be able to celebrate Dios de los Muertos with us this year.  I got the urn I really wanted for her and it's so perfect for her, it makes me smile every time I see it.  I wish she was still with us, but if she has to be gone at least her urn does her crazy personality justice.  I'll make a post about the ofrenda once I get it all finished.  I have a few more things to get organized before Saturday.

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