Friday, October 3, 2014

Fluff Project WIP: DONE

At long, loooong last I have the next shipment of Fluff Project goodies ready to box and send.  Now I just need to find a box big enough for them all (or a few bags?).

16 ghosties.  BOO!


4 reindeer

That's 20 items.  Too bad it took me way too dang long to get them done.  But at least they'll arrive before Halloween so maybe they'll get to the kiddos in time to not be too late.  Well, the christmas ones should be (but maybe not the halloween, oh well).

These are both My Funny Buddy patterns which are always easy to follow and produce a nice end product.

Closeups of the wee ghosties?


The ghost pattern comes with four sizes and five designs.  Four designs to make a family (mom, dad, daughter, son) and one design for a more classic "scary" ghost (with a black oval mouth versus a cute stitched smile).

Mom has the cutest purse.  You can put the bow on her, too, but I didn't feel like it.

I made the "son" of each family a little different, too.  You can use the bow (on the daughter/mom) as a bow tie for the son but I wanted to just have a plain cute ghost for the son (since I wasn't making the "classic" look--I didn't like it as much as the super cute version and I didn't have enough fabric to make it and a full family in each size).

I love the mustache on the dad.  And his monocle.  It's just so darn CUTE.

All the sizes are nice, too.  The bigger ones would be great for littler kids and the small ones for teens (who might think it's not cool to have a stuffed toy but still want one).  You can also put hanger hoops on the littlest size but I opted not to just to keep everything simpler for me when I got to the mass producing.

Even though there's a good bit of hand stitching on these, it goes really fast.  I cut out all the bodies for everything and then cut out each size face details as I sewed.  So cut out all the big faces and then stitch them on.  That broke up the small cutting and hand stitching a bit (and kept me from worrying about loosing pieces as they sat waiting to be stitched).

I got my flannel from the remnant bin at Joann fabrics and the faces are all wool blend felt from my stash.  The deer are all from stash fabric.  The light colored ones are small wale corduroy and the dark one is some funky fuzzy faux fur (short nap, shiney on the back--little bit thick to work with but not as bad as full nap faux fur which is a pain in the butt).

I'm going to take a small Fluff break for at least a month while I work on some projects for me.  I want to make my big ole whale and work on my postage stamp quilt and other quilty stuff.  But I just bet I'll get bored of those projects and find some fluff I just need to make (I do have a lot of patterns floating around).

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